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Nov 19, 2020
Found some time to introduce myself so here we go. Hello, My Java Edition name is Curita but my Bedrock one is Curitx ( Curita was taken :confusedcat:).

I am 16 years old and have been playing Cubecraft every now and then since late 2018, it was not till recently that I started playing the Bedrock Edition of the Server where I found love for the CubeCraft and decided to be more active in the community so here I am.

Little facts:
I have been playing Minecraft for about 4 years, watching it for longer.
I am a bilingual high school student in my junior year.
I am from the Dominican Republic.
I moved to the United States a little over 5 years ago.

I mostly play on the Bedrock Edition of the server, and I like to play variety so I switch games as my mood swings. I enjoy learning new things and binge-watching exciting tv shows. Also, I am looking for some Bedrock Friends I can carry, no but like actually add me :stare: . Don't want to make this too long so that's it :heart:.
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