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Crazy Land.


Jan 3, 2014
Crazy Land
There's this place called Crazy Land. In Crazy Land anything is possible. In Crazy Land nobody judges you for anything. A great way of gardening here in Crazy Land, we staple water to trees, it's very effective in helping them grow. Almost anything is possible (No /kill everybody otherwise it would cause havoc and everybody would just die). Everything in Crazy Land can fly.

Current residents of Crazy Land are:

@Aimee2323 (Queen of Crazy Land)
@Claudia (Princess of Crazy Land)
@WolfWhisperer12 Joined mature land D: :( Traitor. Queen of Mature Land. TRAITOR.
@Klondike (Duke of Crazy Land)
@TheCircleOfFire (Builder of Crazy Land)
@SGTkuzey (Admiral General of Crazy Land)
@SevereWarning (Guardian of the Crazy Land Dungeons)

To join us in Crazy Land all you have to do is change your location to Crazy Land.
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