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    hello im bored and i think than is a cool idea show to the comunity my cool idea beacause is interesting.

    CLIMB WARS(provisional name :/)

    -4 teams of 3 players (12 players per game) (4 teams gamemode, blue, red, yellow and red)
    -2 teams of 4 players (8 players per game) (2 teams gamemode, blue and red)

    The game has a duration of 5 min and when the time end the higher player will give the victory to his team, if is a tie (two players are the highest) the stairs will grow 10 blocks and the time will be incressed 30 seconds.
    The build zone is a 15x15 square and in the corners are a stairs than grow 1 block every 40 seconds and disappear in the last 10 seconds, you cant build on the black blocks and you cant enter on enemy bases.

    On the corners (out of the square) can appear diferent powerups like:
    -effects:like jump boost, mining speed, regeneration....
    -fill all the arrows and blocks
    -give 10 exra blocks to all the team
    -summon 4 friendly cave spiders on the mid

    (effects are for all the team)
    -knockback 1 stick (one use)
    -increse max blocks by 1
    -increse max arrows by 1

    Starter kit: (all kits edit the items of this starter kit)
    the teams spawn in his base and for win your team need to has the higher player, the players spawn with:
    -a leather chestplate
    -a leather helmet
    -a stone picaxe
    -a bow with 5 arrows,
    -a stone sword
    -and 10 blocks

    -builder: iron picaxe and 5 extra blocks on the max no helmet
    -tank: full leather armour and chainmail chestplate, wooden sword
    -swordsman: iron sword but no chestplate
    -kitless: no modifier
    -archer: power 1 bow 2 extra arows to the max and if you hit a enemy with a arrow you get the arrow back, wooden sword.

    Every time than you kill a player you fill all your arrows and blocks and your max blocks incres by 2
    example:0 kills 10 blocks, 4 kills 18 blocks, 8 kills 26 blocks...
    you can fill all your arrows and blocks if you go back to your base.

    the blocks and the chestplate are red, green, yellow or blue, depending your team, the blocks are hardered clay (of course)

    The grass is void or lava or something than kill you :/ 2019-01-12_00.17.18.png

    If somebody has ideas i will add it to the post (if i like it :))

    I think than than cubecraft need new games andi think than this can help to get inspiration if the staff dont has ideas :/
    well.... tnx for your time :D
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but the point of this game is to get higher then other team right? I don't see the point of the game, so it maybe helpful if you added that in :)
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    This is the objetive.... be the higther :l
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