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blssum proved!!!!

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Nov 10, 2013
United Kingdom
Oh my gosh XD You bloody liar. Now, I get why you said "Oh it's too far up", you said that so you could move chat up and snapshot that part. You fail. 2 things. I call him museyyyyyyyy mittens. 2. What in the world is a husb...I have proper grammar ,I use the full word. Thanks :) Good day, mate.
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Atleast you don't look at grey ugly depressive buildings when you join the main lobby at first. Thanks for that! It gives me a more positive vibe. I still don't like the main lobby (not my cup of tea), but this is something. Nice work!
😯 The forums look a lot better with the large font
Do you guys play skywars on 1.8 or 1.15.2?
Wow! i love the new Cubecraft java lobby! Thanks build team!
best part of the new lobby is re-adding vortex jump
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