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    If u have some idea about how to improve the suggestion or you want to criticize me for making another bad suggestion feel free to always comment, I'm open to criticism :3
    (This is actually expanded from the last thread I made)

    Part I: Kit Balancing

    This has been talked about for like 10+ times, but I still need to say that bow spamming with this kit is annoying, please reduce the max arrow limit 10 and get 1 arrow every 5 seconds.

    Runner: When used by good player, this kit is one of the best kits in game, while I think this kit is good as it is, nerfing it by removing its speed when carrying the flag will be better.
    And WHY ON EARTH does runner have more armor than warrior?

    Jumper: This is a good kit, but its stupidly OP in maps like double helix, I suggest to let this kit take fall damage again, and add a low level of feather falling to the boot,

    Builder: The main problem of this kit is ppl abusing it and get infinite block, the solution to this is to make "getting 5 block" an "ability with cooldown" that does not refresh the timer upon death (like TNT for bomber), the cooldown can be 30 seconds.
    (You will still only have 5 blocks max)

    Healer: This kit is ok, but I would suggest adding another healing potion and make the cooldown 25 seconds to make it better.

    Viper: This kit is BAD, to make it not a literal meme maybe it can change the poison to level II and shorten the duration, also reduce the cooldown to make it more useful.
    Three proposals from me:
    1. Poison II (0:05) - 45 seconds cooldown
    2. Lingering Poison II (0:01) - 45 seconds cooldown
    3. Poison I (0:08) - 30 second cooldown

    Summoner: This kit is decent, but a few bugs are annoying, I purpose two changes:
    1. Tweak the mobs AI so it don't wander into void randomly, or make the mob tp back to the owner when its in void (and it mustn't be knocked into void by another player)
    2. Zombie is much weaker compared to other mobs, giving it a wooden shovel can solve the problem

    Ninja: This one isn't that op imo, but it need to get glowing effect when the player have the flag.
    (Tbh have both stealth and damage on one kit is stupid, but I don't think ninja needs a nerf tho...)

    Part II: New Kits

    Ok I know you guys will prob have problem with this, if you have problem with the kits, plzzz tell me in the comment, I will try to fix it.

    Part 2.1: Basic Ideas


    Kit role: Support/Control

    Kit icon: Ink sac

    Kit item:
    Wooden sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Chainmail Chestplate
    Ink bomb: Blindness (0:08) Slowness (0:08) (45 second cooldown, timer does not refresh on death)

    While being a decent fighter, the special thing about the kit is that you can use the ink bomb to blind and slowdown the enemy, which can aid a lot in battle, the kit can be used either offensively or defensively, being able to blind ppl camping or ppl trying to run away.
    (idk if this is op or not, maybe we can decrease the length of effect if its too op)


    Kit role: Fighter/Damage over time

    Kit icon: Blaze rod

    Kit item:
    Blazing Sword: Golden Sword (2 attack speed, 3 attack damage) Enchanted with fire aspect I
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Golden Chestplate, Enchanted with fire protection II

    This is my version of a fire kit, the unique thing about it is that its sword have a faster attack speed and lower attack damage which can bring new dynamic to pvp, idk how will this turn out but this might work ;3

    I stole the idea of the following two kits from @Cuteee 's post


    Kit role: Fighter/Damage

    Kit icon: Wooden Axe

    Kit item:
    Leather Legging
    Wooden Axe
    Rage ability: Strength I for 5 seconds, 90 second cooldown
    (Another idea can be golden axe with no ability)

    Axe kit, some may like it, some may not, but imo we should give it a chance to try. This kit can be good if used by players that have perfect timing, however this can be hard to use since axe have a slow cooldown.


    Kit role: Support/Control

    Kit Icon: Brewing Stand

    Kit item:
    Leather Helmet (Protection II)
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Wooden Sword
    Weakness potion (10 second duration, -4 attack damage, 45 seconds cooldown)

    No damage for wooden sword for 10 second, this might be the worst debuff you'll see in this game, this kit is very deadly for a support game, especially when dealing with campers, but watch out since its weak in defense.

    Guardian (Beta idea)

    Kit role: Fighter/control

    Kit icon: Prismarine shard

    Kit item:
    Wooden Sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Leather helmet
    Leather chestplate (Thorns II)
    Potion of Curse: Mining Fatigue III (0:10) 50 second cooldown, timer does not refresh on death

    This kit brings two new ideas: armor with thorns and mining fatigue potion ( Pretty much disables mining and also slowdown your attack)
    This makes the kit capable of fighting, but also great for defense. (Im not very sure how will this turn out, plz tell me your opinion below)

    Mage (Super Beta idea)

    Kit role: Damage/Area of damage

    Kit icon: Beacon

    Kit item:
    Stone Sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Smite Ability: Strikes yourself with lightning, dealing 5 damage to enemies around, 35 second cooldown (does not cause fire)

    Damage, Damage, with the cost of extremely low defense, this kit makes it up with a nice sword and a ability to deal area damage, which is useful if you are forced to face multiple enemies, but since this is a super beta idea, I still don't know fully how this will work, so Im open to criticism ;D (and plzzzz help me to think of a better name for the kit)

    Part 2.2: Experimental Ideas
    Here is some extremely experimental idea that is going to have a major impact on the game and might not work


    Role: Fighter/Mobility

    Kit item:
    Golden Helmet
    Golden Boots
    Golden Sword
    Ability: Fly (Gives levitation 255 for 5 seconds, allowing you to walk in air, cooldown 60 seconds


    Role: Mobility/Control

    Kit item:
    Leather boot (Feather Falling I)
    Wooden Sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Ability: Teleport (Teleport to the nearest enemy/the enemy you are looking at within 8 blocks, you will lose 3 hearts and for each block you pass through you will lost an additional heart, cannot teleport to flag carrier and you can't teleport when you have the flag, cooldown 60 seconds)


    Role: Tank/Support

    Kit item:
    Wooden Sword
    Iron Chestplate
    Iron Helmet
    Ability: Fortify (Gives resistance 1 to all ally within 3 blocks for 6 seconds, cooldown 45 seconds)

    Part 3: Gameplay Changes
    (Credits to @Elivat for some of the ideas)
    1. Revamp or remove nuclear, its way too big

    2. Trap blocks are useless now, give more of them to players (4 will be good, even 8 will work imho)

    3. Maybe make trap blocks activate when a enemy player steps on it?

    4. New modifiers:
    Health boost: +8 extra health (4 hearts)
    Momentum: +25% Knockback resistance
    Trapping: x2 Trap Blocks
    Overpowered: All power ups have +1 level when activated

    5. New power-ups
    Shield: +8 Absorption Heart for 10 seconds
    Regeneration: Regeneration I for 10 seconds
    Glowing: all enemy players receive glowing for 10 seconds
    Curse: all enemy player receive mining fatigue for 6 seconds

    6: New voteable option: Core Sentinel
    Firstly it will appear at pre-game as a activated/deactivated option
    If activated mode is voted then players will be able to vote for their own team's sentinel in the build phase
    Here are some possible sentinels
    Glowing Beacon: Give all enemies near the flag/core glowing
    Laser turret: Occasionally attacks enemies near the core/flag with guardian laser
    Missile: Occasionally fires shucker bullets (No levitation but still have damage) to enemies near the flag/core
    Potion: Occasionally Inflict enemies near core/flag with negative effects
    Spawner: Occasionally spawns monsters to help defend the flag/core
    Lightning Rod: Occasionally strikes lightning on enemy players near the flag/core
    Shockwave: Occasionally deals damage and knockback on enemies near the flag/core
    Inferno: Occasional lights the enemies near the flag/core and dealing damage
    A particle effect will appear around core/flag when it's activated, and each sentinel will have different particles.

    7: Insane modifiers
    Similar to 6, you need to vote for yes/no in pre-game, but at least 2/3 of votes need to vote for yes for this to be on
    The voting for exactly which modifier will be in build-phase
    Here are the possible insane modifiers:
    Storm: Lightning frequently strikes ground
    Meteorite: Fireball falling from sky
    Creeper Infestation: creepers spawn in the arena

    Corruption: the arena starts to be taken over by nether blocks and nether mobs (weakened in health and attack) will spawn
    Instability: When a block is broken by an enemy, there's a 25% chance to trigger a random trap block effect, this even applies to blocks destroyed by explosion!
    Gravity Shift: Occasionally you will be thrown in the air by levitation effect (will not cause fall damage when you fall back)

    8. Add more maps and open up custom map submission (Blockwars map are easy to make tbh)

    9. Give a reward for losing (8 points and 15 exp). However, no reward will be given for draws to prevent camping

    10. Give a bonus reward for best player of the team (5 points will be good)

    11. Increase the point gain for capping flags from 3 to 5

    12. For core mode, breaking blocks to damaged core might be a little boring, Imo it should be changed to a entity that you can damage (a shulker with no AI fits the best because it looks like a block and can be dyed)

    13. Actions against leaving mid-game: you will not be able to join another game if you left mid-game, every time you tries to join another blockwars game you will be connected to the game you've left.

    Part IV: Anti-Op Party Actions
    (also refer to this thread by @Andyyy, super detailed and offers some excellent solution

    YES op parties are killing this game
    Why do blockwars deserve a special treatment when all other games have similar problem?
    Simply put, there are only 2 teams in blockwars.

    Serval ways to solve this:
    1.Disable team selection and balance team based on people's stats
    (On no circumstance should the difference between number of people on two teams are greater than 1 when the game starts, 7v8 is acceptable but 6v8 is not)
    2. Max party of 4, anything over this will be split and put in two teams
    3. And most importantly, the community should act together to fight this

    A win is only meaningful when defeating enemy of equal skill.

    That's all I have for now, I may update this at anytime, help me to improve ;D
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    I like this, very detailed!
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    Yes, is very anoying and deal much damage
    I think is the same
    Yes about the flag but the armour is ok
    2 potions but dont change the time of charge
    The lingering is a quite useless
    Yes, same with bomber
    Yes the bugs are very anoying

    I still without like the kits.
    But with 1.14 a lot of kits can be cool (crossbow, trident, pouferfish buckets, totems etc)
    Yes pls
    Only 3 trap can be cool 4 with double blocks
    And about step, why? Nobody step on them
    The other are a quite unnecesary but good ideas
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    Blockwars CTF is only featured for 2 days...
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    Another thing I would add would be the team balancing system. Players start leaving because of being out numbered. Anyways, nice thread.
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    Noone replys to blockwars suggestions lol
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    Awesome Suggestions! :)
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    Archer currently gets 1 arrow every 20 seconds, which is painfully slow, I think a better idea is to have a max of say 5 arrows but speed up the recovery time to say 3 seconds per arrow so no bow spamming but no slow waiting.

    I'd agree that runner is too op with the flag, even more so in overtime to the point that no other kit is even viable in many cases. Removing the speed effect with the flag is definitely a good idea.

    The problem with this is the annoying as hell damage ticks that you get from falling even one block, if they could change it can jumpers only started taking damage after 6 blocks instead of 3 then sure but that doesn't seem too plausible, so I would say no on that one.
    I have tested the potion before and it does a good job of healing, the problem is actually the lack of armour, you take way too much damage with the puny chestplate so really I think the best thing to do is replace it with a golden one. It provides good but not too op protection and is thematically suitable. To balance that I would also nerf the potions a bit so it's not too good.

    I feel that viper doesn't belong it Blockwars so I'd rather it gone really, no amount of messing with its stats can make it fit.

    The mob AI should really be a lot better but I think it's not really worth the work to improve its pathfinding, and with more pathfinding script, comes more lag.

    That ninja not glowing with the flag is a bug I think and I agree 100% that it needs to be reported again and fixed because it's just more annoying and feels unfair.

    You have also not mentioned tank on here, I would return it to how it was originally but without the slowness effect because as I say below no one likes getting negative potion effects.

    On the topic of your new kit ideas, I think you are relying too much on potion effects that just annoy people. I don't want to be set on fire, I don't want blindness, I don't want slowness and I don't want weakness.

    I think it would be better to use kits similar to this:
    Scout, Speed 1, Jump boost 1: This would have relatively weak gear but will be slightly faster than normal and can have small adv advantages on a few maps ( 1.5 block jumps) which would make each experience more unique, and provide a slight counter to runners because they have nothing stopping them right now.

    Your experimental ideas I think don't work because the first two are based on what a new player would call "hacking" movement which would lead to confusion or reports. Enderman would be really inconsistent in practice and hard for the average player to understand.

    It didn't let me type anymore part 1/2
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    Ok on to maps:

    Nuclear definitely needs big changes and also needs to be less ugly .
    Icy peaks needs two entrances to the flag area as it's a stupid bottleneck.
    Pirates needs the same change, It's only really possible to capture a flag by returning on the bridge, which is an easily camp-able bottleneck, add an extra bridge. This also has the benefit of making it less easy to camp as it's slightly quicker to escape with the flag before they respawn. Pirates also needs to have covering up of the lava prevented and you shouldn't be able to get stuck in the fences on the boats.
    Bridge needs the trees fixed so you can no longer get stuck in the holes.

    Trap blocks

    Having them activate when a player steps on them might work a bit better really because I've seen people guessing that it was what they did and were disappointed.
    The explosion trap block should be nerfed, it can 1 shot you most of the time. If they are now to be walked on, I think they should stay green or look slightly different somehow or they would just feel cheaty. and there should be one in that case.

    Either way nerf explosion and if it's not walking on trap blocks instead, then maybe more of them would be fine in normal or double blocks.

    To pitch in a suggestion to the modifiers, I think this would work better as many games don't get a chance to get speed or jump boost because playing with 72 blocks is too many.

    Current amount of blocks in each mode:
    Half: 36
    Normal: 72
    Double: 144
    Speed: 72
    Jump: 72

    New amount of blocks:
    Normal: 32
    Double: 64
    Triple: 128
    Speed: 32
    Jump: 32

    I'd also like them in half or full stacks, it's not much of a change but works more nicely with Minecraft stacks of 64 and not having odd remainders.

    I'm not sure about voting on these but I do like the idea of health boost of 3 hearts, extra trap blocks or op powerups happen randomly on say 10% of games each to give a small amount of games with something different
    Ngl messing with knockback is a really big no no because thats just messing with pvp and just wont really work at all.

    I wouldn't mind more positive effects, glowing would be interesting but confusing (its a maybe) but once again, negative effects are annoying to players.

    I'm really not sure about the core sentinel, I really like the concept but the implementation would be weird. Insane effects maybe work to some agree in skywars in a single player environment but in Blockwars, a team game, Idk bout that.
    Blockwars maps are harder than you think to make, you have to get the correct amount of flat land and have to think about gameplay so so much. For custom submissions, I think that staff should only have to look at submissions that are well received by experienced players in the community, to firstly save on staff time and secondly to check for important flaws in the layout of the map, to be fixed before getting the staff to then give them an easier job.

    Yes this is my idea :>

    Why not!

    If it makes the torture of playing against a party of 8 last longer then no.

    First time you rejoin a game, you go back in. ( I crash a lot )
    Second time you go into a new game.

    That would be cross-teaming hell if it isn't already.
    A better idea is to make the game more fun for small parties or solo because many people don't want to play the game due to bad teammates.
    Maybe have no party bonusses or rewards for being a top player.

    Anyway, these are all just my opinions but I hope some of them are valid :D
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    That sound like a bug tbh, you shouldn't get damaged if you fall for like 2 or 3 blocks.
    I don't think it should get more armor, give it regeneration instead (or extra health)
    Don't think we need to improve pathfinding, just make it tp back to the owner when it fells to the void and didn't receive damage from another player for the previous 5 seconds.
    I've used tank, its actually balanced and can work when used in the right place (defending important places, for example)
    Imo negative effects are an important part of the game, so I would say 1 debuff kit will be good (viper is not good, my favorite on in my suggestion is guardian)
    Also mage seems pretty good to me
    For flying, there are already solution for it, board casting "xxx activated his ability, he is not hacking" can solve the issue (other servers that includes flying abilities uses this to prevent misunderstanding) Since teleporting is op when used right, I intentionally made enderman require skill and understanding to use.
    And what do you think about golem?
    Agree with nerfing explosion, other trap blocks need to be more useful
    I don't really agree with this because blockwars is meant to involve lots of blocks and breaking them (which is why I hate half blocks)
    my proposal:
    Normal: 64
    Double: 128
    Half: 32
    Jump: 64
    Speed: 64
    make it receive a certain amount of "yes" votes from the community before sending it to staff
    it's capturing each flag gives you 5 points (or 4?)
    Well firstly that can annoy lots of op party players to make them leave, secondly right now steamrolling every game with parties of 8 is not bankable but cross teaming is, so this will become much less of a problem if someone actually reports them (half of the members of "that" party have been banned for cross teaming before so I know it will work)
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    How mc fall damage works is that if you fall 3 blocks or less you take no damage, but if you fall 4 blocks or more, you take damage. With jumper kit before fall damage was removed, you jumped up 3 blocks and then fell 3 blocks, no damage. But if there was an elevation change of 1 block down, you jump up 3 blocks then fall 4 blocks and take half a heart of damage. This is just in MC but my suggested work around. if possible, change 3 blocks taking no damage to 6 blocks when using jumper kit if that is possible to do.

    I suggested the armour because when I tried it out, I died very quickly in fights because there's only a chestplate. The kit also has the same armour as builder and bomber so there's no way to tell the difference, and if there was it would be nice. I've thought of regeneration before but it wont help in fights unless it lasts a long time and if you are dead the regen isn't much use. Extra health is a bit silly to only use on one kit when changing the armour serves the same purpose. The third reason is because gold is normally associated with health or medics so it is really suitable.

    Currently, the only use of viper is to troll and your suggested implementation doesn't really change that. Using a potion to pvp rarely has much use as players tend to spread out so you are only using it on one person most of the time, it doesn't really have any use in defending or capturing. Defending is hard because when you are out of potions, your kit becomes infinitely less useful and requires you to die to get new ones ( if you want them in a timely manor that is), and while you are dead you can't defend. For attacking it has weak armour and a weak weapon so you can die very quickly with the flag and provide little help to someone with the flag. I just see it as really hard to balance. It's either weak and useless or really op, with that sort of thing it's really hard to strike a balance. I don't know if I make sense but I just don't see a use of it thats actually related to the objective of the game.

    Actually thats a really good idea :D

    It's not like it can't be used, it just is really hard to use. With the slowness, you are basically target practice as it's very hard to dodge and there's no catching up to people with the flag. People can run away from you and even with all the armour, it doesn't take that much to kill you. Removing the slowness fixes those problems.

    I think mage could actually work quite nicely for defending. I think it could be made fairer if players could prevent it. For example maybe mage has to charge up the lightning and if they are hit it has to be recharged. That way, with smart play it can be countered but can be really effective without being op. I don't like the idea of guardian because people can purposely try and target the best players to render them helpless as long as possible> I just think guardian would be really rage inducing and promotes the idea of playing with large parties as it takes lots of co-ordination to use effectively.

    I think a message in chat is a bit cheesy and one of Cube's goals is to keep a really clean chat ( which I support a lot ).
    My problems with the enderman don't really come from the user of the kit, but the players on the other team that don't understand it. I've been called a hacker before while using the jumper kit from people that don't understand it, an idea like that could confuse players just as much. I do however think that an enderman kit could be used for travelling across the map with a level of rng to where they land, with that possibly a slowness penalty for say 5 seconds to make it not too strong, this could be used for defending, if someone is running across the map with your flag and you can chase them down with the pearl or get ahead of them. The slowness means that they can tell you are there and try and account for you but you can get to the enemy side quickly and have a chance to kill them before they can capture.

    You have given golem very strong gear but maybe instead of a new kit, it can be an addition to tank which would help with the balance. I think a reworking on how it effects can be useful. Possibly it's use-age: If there is a teammate with the flag within ~40 blocks of you they will get the resistance effect and you will be awarded a point for being support ( this is to balance the rewards for support classes as killing people gives points so why shouldn't that). If there is not a person with the flag in the range of you, then it will effect a random teammate on the team. You will not get a point for this though. It will tell you who you effected and will send them a message ( possibly in the action bar stating that they have the bonus).

    Me and most high level players on the game vote for half blocks every single game. I do like speed mode, but I'm not going to vote for it because it is not half blocks. Half blocks makes the games quicker and people like winning more quickly. Blockwars is about blocks, but too many of them just making annoying walls that take time and effort to break or on some maps like icypeaks, you are forced to mine through atleast 20 blocks to get to the flag which is just way too many. The large amount of blocks also means that people just spam them around everywhere instead of actively curating their builds to make the best use of the blocks given to them.

    A certain amount of "yes" just means excessive bumping or spamming the thread around which is annoying. It going to experienced players for approval also means that they can give better feedback for improvements.

    I thought you were talking about amount of captures per game which should stay at 3. I don't mind getting more points per capture.

    Cross teaming being against the rules doesn't mean people won't do it. People also won't rat out their friends. If there was more reporting, instead of cross teaming they will avoid each other or just go afk.
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    bumping again
    (Dont lock it ty)
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    I think it's better to make a new thread,but with a few changes