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Bedrock: Summer Update Part 2 - New Maps, Cage Pack + More!


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Jul 23, 2015
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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Last week, we released the Bedrock Summer lobby, with a beachball hunt and Summer loot bundle. This week, it's time to add the second part of the update! If you'd like to know which awesome additions we've made in part 2, read on!

summer maps.jpg

How can we have a Summer event without Summer maps. We've added 4 limited time Summer maps for you to play during this hot period of the year.

Vacation - Team EggWars (Team of 2)

Now this is what I call... a Summer vacation.

Whale - Team EggWars (Team of 4)


Whale whale whale... what do we have here?

Sandbox - Team SkyWars (Team of 4)

This map is purely sandbox...

Sandcastle - Solo SkyWars

Do you want to build a... sandcastle?

Along with the 4 limited time Summer maps, we've decided to add a NEW and PERMANENT Survival Games map. Introducing "Desert". A perfect addition to the Survival Games map family, and it's perfect for a Summer themed update, we hope you enjoy playing on this dry and sandy map!

Desert - Survival Games

Looks a bit dry to me...

cages pack.jpg

In celebration to this Summer event update, we've released a new Cage pack, themed to Summer! Packed with 3 Summer cages, Parachute, Sunflower and Sandcastle, you'll surely get all of the looks at the start of the game!

Summer cages.jpg

Summer Cage Pack.

new egg skin.jpg

We've just released another BRAND NEW Egg Skin to our Bedrock server store. This delicious egg, will surely sweeten up your EggWars game! You can view it and purchase it HERE!


Egg Skin.

Thanks for playing and reading this update thread! We hope you enjoy this second part of our Summer event. Comment below your thoughts, we love to read your feedback.


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Mar 18, 2017
The summer pack looks absolutely awesome! I can’t wait to try out all of these maps!

Enjoy your summer :)
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