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Bedrock: Bugfix Bonanza + SkyWars Chaos Open Week


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Oct 20, 2013
Bedrock Server Catchup

Hello CubeCrafters,

No one likes bugs, so I fixed a load.

Most of these bugs affected us across the network so now they have been utterly annihilated. You should notice that we are more stable and your game experience is even better.
Previously we've done updates like this totally silently, however, we now want to share with you what we are up to so I hope you enjoy the details!

Also, we hit 19,000 concurrent on Bedrock today (smashing our player record on that platform)! Whoop! Thank you, everyone, for playing <3

Fixed Bugs

ADDED: Block breaking animations are now visible
ADDED: Eating, block placements and block destruction sounds
ADDED: The ability to swap armour with armour you currently have equipped
FIXED: Hitting a player/villager with food it hand would consume it
FIXED: Right clicking a villager would open the menu but eat any food you are holding in the background
FIXED: Random network crash
FIXED: Fixed item durability not showing
FIXED: Fixed absorption hearts not showing
FIXED: Survival Games world border would lag like crazy
FIXED: Visual glitch when equipping armour, as it would equip, unequip, and then equip again
FIXED: Not being able to move ladders/chests around your inventory
FIXED: Not getting a navigation compass after winning a game of SkyWars
FIXED: Being able invite players to a party during a team game, and using the compass to join another game, and hence bypass the party/team size limit of that game
FIXED: Clicking on a gravestone in SkyWars would instantly eat food
FIXED: Friends list not opening if a friend was in game
FIXED: Clicking a log with bark on all 6 sides would cause some strange issues
FIXED: Dupe glitch with chests and gravestones
FIXED: Dupe glitch were 2 people could access the same gravestone and both take the items out of it
FIXED: Potential reduction of server lag
FIXED: The initial sounds that we added had some pitches that were slightly off, so we tweaked them to be more similar to vanilla
FIXED: Swords not taking damage
FIXED: Being pushed off a tower when towering off
FIXED: Block placements are more reliable, no longer resulting in blocks appearing, disappearing and then appearing again
FIXED: Clicking on a villager or gravestone with an axe, will no longer cause it to open a menu
FIXED: Teammates no longer take damage from your TNT inside Chaos SkyWars
FIXED: Being able to break EggWars eggs while being a spectator
FIXED: Potential exploit where players could log in and look completely invisible
FIXED: Axe damage values being much higher than they should be
FIXED: Pickaxes now do more damage than shovels
You can see the exact damage values of weapons before and after the changes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZLxdlatc9MiaZRco68b8unYpYSijw3OKjBESx4N8LkA/edit#gid=0

SkyWars Chaos Open Week

Chaos SkyWars is our ultra crazy and fast-paced 1vs1vs1vs1 game - with automatic bridging, OP weapons and armour and total chaos. Usually, you have to be VIP level 1 on the server to play but we've opened it up to everyone for an entire week. To help with the massive influx of players we've increased the team size to three for an utterly crazy, totally chaotic 3v3v3v3 match.

Oh and because we haven't yet done enough for you - there are two new maps as well:

SkyWars Chaos - Farm

How Corn-y

SkyWars Chaos - TNT

This map went out with a Bang!
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