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Aug 21, 2020
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Hello everyone,
I think assassination deserves a good update, it has been the case for a while that the maps have not changed, for example. I recognize the desert map that is now in it from a few years ago. Assassination should get an update and I have a few ideas.

For the people who play assassination know the struggle if you are chasing someone but cannot get to him and continue to camp in a shop. It's super annoying. I think there should be a limited time when you go into the shop. I mean if you go in and after 4 minutes you are not out you are going to lose hp from your health and if you go out you cannot get in for a minute. This means less shop campers and it would make assassination more fun I think.

I also think the combat time can be longer. I think 1 minute will be good because it is also the case if you are chasing someone and you can no longer hit him that he will leave the server so that he still keeps all his stuff. This is very annoying and most people would agree with me.

Let's talk about the prices. Prices are good but iron is too cheap. Players who are a little good and have iron armor with a diamond sword can easily kill someone with a lot of loot and coins. I have an idea what might be better for iron armor.

Iron Helmet : 65 - 100
Iron Chestplate : 80 - 155
Iron Leggings : 72 - 135
Iron Boots : 62 - 95

I also think the price of the instant damage potion is too low, as it is really overpowered. Most players eat a golden apple when they have low hp and if the enemy throws 2 or 3 of those potions you are usually dead. Maybe the price can be increased. I think I know a good price.

Instant Damage : 120 - 220

Here you have a little video so you can figure out what I mean.



As you can see 2 of those potions made me lose 5 hearts.

I also think the map is getting old and boring. Maybe there can be a new map or an old map can come back. I can remember that there was another desert map, a very old one, maybe it can come back too because now we have 2 maps (Trees and Desert). Sometimes the maps reset and you have 3 trees maps and then of course you don't have much choice so you have to play that map if you want to play assassination. Here I have some screens of the old desert map.






There are also many people who team up with each other. There is probably little that can be done here but it is sometimes annoying as sometimes you cannot play assassination if you have good loot and there are many people online because at the end there are 3 players on you. Many people are probably not even bothered or not even bothered by it, but for the rest it does not really matter as little can be done here.

So here are my ideas / suggestions
1. 4 Minutes in shop or else losing your hp
2. Increase prices
3. New map

If you guys have more suggetions let me know. I will add a poll to this.

Thank you,
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