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May 17, 2020
Hey Cubecraft team. please add a asia region on cubecraft i cant play on hight ping cuz im on asia (phillipines) i really hope you can add asia region cubecraft is the bestt if hive can do different regions i beg the cubecraft can do it too ive been playing cubecraft for almost a year now and im really tired playing on high ping. please add a asia region I LOVE YOU cubecraft teammm ♥️
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Gratz on Mod!!
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Just heard :(( Thanks for everything and good luck Fin ;( I hope you meet Ariana soon.
My last day at the ice cream store :(
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Taïs... Wat doet het pijn om je weg te zien gaan...
Ontzettend bedankt voor je immens grote inzet in het team.
Misschien zie ik je nog voor een pottie valorant ofzo.
Never stop being you :heart:
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