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Armoury Update! - Joins Bedrock & Balancing 🛡️🗡️


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Jan 23, 2018
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Hey CubeCrafters!

More than a month ago, we posted a thread about changes to our Armoury system - you’ll know of it as the automatic kit selection system where you’re able to view the kit contents.

We wanted to scale the items with changes with the voting type so that kits do not become too overpowered or underpowered - we want to give everyone a chance to win, but ensure you’re also getting your worth with the points you spend! So, we've done exactly that - read on to see what we've done this update!

🧰 Kit Changes with Votes

The example that we referred to in the community feedback thread was the Iron Golem kit in SkyWars - in normal, it was completely fine and balanced. However, in basic, where iron armour was not able to be obtained, it was extremely overpowered. On the other side, in overpowered, it was severely underpowered - iron armour against protection-enchanted diamond armour is quite bad, and everyone would try and find a replacement for it relatively quickly.

As a result, we’ve made changes to the kits as it says in this Notion board.

We made a few changes to kits as you suggested in this thread, however a lot of them called for kit balancing, which we’re reserving for a future update for the gamemodes.

With these kit changes, it calls for a menu redesign!

📜 Menu changes

This menu will now show you the changing kit contents with the chest type - it should be fairly intuitive to know what chest type is what, however we're working on making this a lot more clearer for you all.

Stare at it too long and you might become the kit itself... 🥴
We’ve also made edits to the kit selection menu; it will tell you if the kit changes upon a change in chest type, so you know what you’re getting!


Now you're able to be a noobly... but in overpowered!

🗡 Armoury joins Bedrock!

Awesome news Bedrock players! Ever forget to choose a kit? Not a problem, our Armoury system joins the Bedrock network!

Whatever kit you have last chosen, you will have it for the next round, the round after... until you choose another kit! As well as this, you've also got the kit scaling with the change in chest type! Check it out!


The descriptions for the kits have been updated as well so that they're more accurate!

This has been implemented in SkyWars, Survival Games & EggWars, as the chest types changes a lot of its loot tables and so it's appropriate to change the kit.

I chose the builder kit last round, and it's automatically chosen this round! 🎉

Hope you all enjoyed this update - your feedback was super important to let this happen! Have fun, and stay safe 💙
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Jul 2, 2015
Woowoooo! This is so nice
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