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An update on our infrastructure


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Jul 2, 2015
This has been happening since around the time of the EggWars update. It was really bad then because I would get lagged *into* full block stair bridges if I sprinted, wasn't able to do head-hitters or place blocks and then jump off them without getting lagged back. I have serious lag because of my location, but it was never *this* bad that all these things happened together.

(I have big boi gaming computer so it's not an issue with my hardware)
You should try to follow this article: https://help.cubecraft.net/en/article/network-connectivity-test-1sstuvr/


Nov 12, 2017
Hey CubeCrafters!

Over the past week, you may have noticed our network has been put under additional strain due to the PlayStation 4 release. We thought we'd give you a bit of insight into how we're coping with this demand so far.

Over the past 4 days, we've seen our global player-count skyrocket to over 45,000 players, which completely smashed all of our previous records. We've seen our playercount on Bedrock nearly triple, and become the second featured server to reach 40,000 players on one platform. As such we instantly took measures to be able to cope with this load.
  1. We've ordered dozens of new servers, adding up to 2.24TB of RAM and 300 cores.
  2. We've seen our bandwidth across the network go up massively, peaking at over 8 gigabits per second.
These new servers have the capacity to hold over 9000 players. Some of you may remember that over Summer, we similarly had to increase our capacity. Since the release, we have seen numbers higher than what we reached during lockdown, and have scaled up faster than we have ever before.

Over the past few months, we've started using the cloud to scale up our server, which has been heavily utilised over the past few days. On the cloud alone, we've added 4TB of RAM and over 1,000 vCores. Our developers have also been working hard to optimise various parts of our core infrastructure to make sure we can deal with the demand.

We know that our network has been more laggy than usual - we're working hard on putting in more frontends and servers to balance out the load, and increasing our network capacity significantly with the amount of optimisations we're doing.

Thanks for reading!
It's still too laggy to do anything with, /hub doesnt work cause of some random red text coming up and then you get "downloading terrain" screen and then you get stuck on logging in screen when you try to join again


Dec 1, 2020
asombroso pero si pudieran hacer un modo de 5 jugadores por equipo de sky wars y egg wars para la version de bedrock eso le interesaria a los gamers para tener el nivel vip no creen
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