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Among Slimes Update - New map, new tasks, and much more!


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Mar 31, 2016
Hey Java CubeCrafters!

We've got a bit of a sus update for you all today... Among Slimes has received some awesome changes that we're super excited to be showing them off to you!

🪐 NEW MAP - Mars!


Yes, we know that is Saturn... close enough...
Lead by @Yamin with help from @Soulless_Unity, @Unstrafeless, @TheJeroen and @Priley, our design team has managed to make a completely new map made by us! We've decided to include features like a split TNT room, upper and lower levels in domes, and long corridors with windows looking into the outside! All based on Mars, can you spot anyone trying to sabotage the base? 🤔


Humble beginnings, this is where you spawn in, in the office!


Seems to be a bit of an experiment going on in the labs...


The garden seems fully functioning!


A fissure managed to split our TNT perfectly in half...
We hope that you enjoy this map! You still have the chance to play on the Spaceship map anyways, so you better be on your toes!

🚧 New Tasks!

We've added a whole bunch of new tasks, both seen in the new Mars map and the Spaceship map! Without further ado, let's get into what you can see!

Fuel Engine:
In this task, you need to fill your fuel engines - I'm sure you don't want to get stuck out in space... Simply click the empty buckets onto the fuel to fill it! You'll need to do this task for both upper and lower engine, so you better be prepared!


Fix Shields:
Oh no! Our shields aren't working! Quick, you need to fix them, simply click on all of the modules until they turn green!

Calibrate Oscillators:
Our oscillators need calibrating! Click on the nether star when it appears to fix the damaged cell!

Medbay Scan:
Based off of Doctor's Orders, you'll need to have a scan to confirm your identity, simply enter Medbay and right click!

Refine Ore Samples:
We've found some ores around the base, and we need them to be refined! Click the iron ore into the furnace and wait for it to be refined!

Shoot Meteoroids:
Aaaaagh! There's meteoroids flying everywhere! Help us shoot them down!

Please note that none of these tasks are visual - so you will not be able to tell if someone has actually completed the task or not!

💎 New Achievements!

We've added... a few achievements. :monkeylook: :monkeylookaway:


Making a grand total of 56 achievements that you can get in Among Slimes, you'll have a few more objectives to work towards! You can get achievements for completing all tasks as a ghost or crewmate, using every sabotage as an imposter, and even winning a 1v8! Good luck getting that one! 😏

As a note, you will not receive achievements until the end of the game - this is so you can't sus someone out during the middle of a game. Take a look!

🌟 And a whole bunch of quality of life features!

We've also got a whole lot of quality of life features to help you all out, both as crewmates and imposters!
  • When you want to sabotage a door, you'll now get a sabotage map, showing all of the locations of the doors! Holding a specific door you want to lock will shade it in, and will show up as red when you close it!
  • You'll get a reminder when you are not doing tasks. If you're not doing tasks for a long time, then you will get kicked for being AFK! This doesn't apply if you have finished all of your tasks.​
  • If someone says your colour in chat, it will bold and underline it. Watch out!​
  • Tips! Before the game starts, handy dandy tips will appear over the meeting table!
  • Bodies no longer like falling into the walls! It always was hard to spot those...
  • Floating text for tasks now appears from further away, even when you're not in the room!
  • Anti-lights trolling! It's no longer so easy for an imposter to block off access to lights!
  • Imposter cooldowns are now better represented in the experience bar! This works alongside the current cooldown representation!
  • Missed a crewmate when swinging your sword? We won't say a peep! Previously it'd send you a message regardless on how to use your sword!
  • Tired of meetings being super long because someone won't vote! Meetings now grow shorter with every vote cast!
  • What's this? You can read letters on signs from a mile away in the dark? That's not normal! Lets have all floating text during lights out, hidden if you're too far away!
  • Someone mentioned to me that their tasks floating text was too strong to be blocked by communications sabotage, so we took away their gear and lowered the range for that too!
  • Wanted to congratulate the imposters on a well deserved win? No? Well we've increased the game end time before the server closes anyway!
  • Someone once confided in me that the TNT and O2 sabotages made their heart race, I looked into it, and after changing some sounds around I had to agree! It sounds much more dramatic!
  • Ejected players now have their heads go crazy! Be the envy of all grounded players!
  • Some players have complained about difficulty seeing the wires in the task, we've taken notice and changed the pink wool, to white.
  • During the end of the game, a small coloured ■ will appear by your name when chatting, so everyone knows who you were!
  • The navigation planet task had items that despite colourized, were too similar to each other and confused some of our players. We've switched the heads to different items and hope this is much better!
  • Cameras and Vents no longer take your map away, adding to that, they'll show cameras and vents on the map!
  • A few tasks have their positions shifted to better match the surrounding blocks, wires are a notable example as it now sits in the middle.
  • After completing your tasks as a ghost, you would get bored. Or at least, I did. When you have completed all your tasks, ghostly crewmates will see all players on their map! This does not show you who is imposter though.
  • A visual bug where imposters were not made aware of their kill cooldown being frozen while in the vent, has been corrected. Your cooldown will now properly refresh after leaving the vent.
  • Another issue occurred to imposters who happened to be examining the vents for any leaks, when summoned to a meeting they were given the wrong loadout!
  • One of the vents in Cafe was a bit drafty, we placed a wall to help with that. We also stuck a menu down so players know what's for dinner! This also happens to lower visibility in Cafe, which was a bit too OP.
  • Tired of Chart Course giving you the same path every time? We were too, and threw it into a blender to come up with more interesting paths!
  • When a meeting has ended, you don't need to wait a few seconds to move again! This also lets you move when the game ends!
  • We spotted a problem with players being stuck in security cameras, we've recorded the issue and rolled out a fix! Thanks to all the players that filmed this issue and sent in the tapes! Without your help, we couldn't c.d. issue and were struggling to decode a resolution.
  • Sounds! You'll no longer hear venting or killing if it's too many rooms away!

Thanks everyone! This was a massive update to Among Slimes, and we hope you enjoyed it! Have fun, and stay safe 💙


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Aug 11, 2018
Awesome job on the update! Can't wait to continue playing with even more to do!
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