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Jul 20, 2019
Haines City FL

Jkjk bow spaming is commonly looked down upon and is a cheap way to knockback farm and win. But its not disallowed, and there are proper ways to do it.
But before that what is bow spaming?
My definition of bow spaming is to only rely on your bow for damage or knockback for a period of time, ussually when someone is in melee range and you want to get them away from you.
Now there are right and wrong ways to do this.

1. Dont bow spam when they are 2 inches from your face.

This is such a common mistake because 1. Its extremely hard to aim when they are right in front of you, most likely strafing, and 2. They are gonna do more damage because they are most likely stabing you multiple times, so even if you get more shots somehow, youre probably gonna die.

2. if youre gonna bow spam short range, do it effectively

What i mean by this is do it at the right time. If they are chasing you and you want to regen or get them off your back, or if they are going towards a hole to fall in the void, bow spam until they either run away or place blocks, which can give you a breather to heal up, or gear up.
And another thing, if they catch up to you while bowspaming and they hit you, stop bowspaming, it will only make whatever situation youre in worse since they are really close range, either run or melee.

3. long range, best range.

Shooting long range is honestly the best approach, and i dont mean from across the map. A good distance to bow spam and not only give some good damage to lower their saturation and health, but also to disorient them and potentially knock them off the map. You also are semi safe from melee attacks. semi because if you arent paying attention you could get back stabbed. Long range is also good for janitoring/cleaning/third partying, however you call it. Its good to kill anybody who was in a fight, or is running away from somebody else. Its safe and can ussually get you either an assist or a kill steal.
One thing to note is bow spaming far away can make them see you and potentially target you, so keep that in mind when bow spaming far range.

Now lets say that you are a pvp god, and you barely use the bow aside from knocking peopld off the edge, well the bow is still useful for a few things.

4. It helps with comboing and surprise attacks.

Lets say you are running away from someone, but you want to fight, turning around and getting a quick shot to melee afterwards is helpfull, since it both disorients them, it interupts their sprint which can make comboing easier, and you get a little damage boost on them. now this can be replaced with snowballs or eggs, but bows actually do damage, and personslly i think bows are easier to aim with.
Surprise attacks can be helped with bows, if youre about to assassinate someone, shoot em with a bow once or twice before going in.

Now obviously, nobodys perfect, and nobody has perfect aim, if your aim is dookie than its gonna take some practice before these are even close to effective. And even if youre good at aiming, some of these are more effecient with just melee attacks. Try not to heavily rely on bow spaming, id say bow spaming is something you practice after youre allready good at melee fights. Plus god pvp bow spaming strafes can be pretty hard to do, esspecially if youre playing on bedrock and are on a phone or controller. But, if you dont want to bow spam, than just

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