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May 22, 2017
💙 Community Competition! 💙

To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary, we're hosting a creative anniversary!

Where is the competition? 🤔

Competition Discord Channel

Prizes! 🎉

Rank Giveaways!
Nitro Boosts!
Content shown in-game!
Famous Discord Role!

Competition Themes! 🎨

The top picks from these categories will be given prizes!

Funniest Creation
Most Reacted to Creation (React with an emoji to the post!)
Most Unique Creation
Most Artistic Creation
Best Ingame Creation

What content can I submit? 🖌️

3D Models
Character skins
Minecraft Builds
Drawings and Artwork
Videos of CubeCraft 10 year history
Ingame Screenshots
Redstone / Command Block Contraptions

And much more! We're happy to accept all creative inspiration as a submission.

When is the Deadline? ⏱️

7th September (Midnight GMT+1)

Have fun creating. I can't wait to see what the community creates!

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