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Dec 3, 2016
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The Elite Clan is recruiting!

1. Our story / Who are we?
Elite was founded in 2017 as a Blockwars clan. (Blockwars was a game on the popular java server CubeCraft) After becoming one of the largest clans on CubeCraft we expanded to include the whole network. With our main server struggling and a new era of Minecraft arriving we now include 3 other servers (Which I'm not allowed to name) and are excited to meet all of you interested in joining us. It goes without saying that in 5 years of being a family, lots of history gets built and changes happen, but we are proud of that and celebrate the path we took to get to where we are right now. While we value things like personality, how much you enjoy being in calls and your history with other clans as well as your reputation a lot, we do really enjoy winning games so there is a skill requirement too.


(An Elite clan-event in early 2021)

2. What do we stand for / Why you should consider joining!
We enjoy the advantages which come with being a private, competitive group who likes to have lots of fun. Our Discord server is fully private, meaning that everything you say or do will only be seen by the other Elites, the rest of the family so to speak. Our rules are strict but allow for lots of breathing room too, we allow swearing if used with no bad intentions or directly towards someone, but we do not allow any NSFW and prefer to stay away from topics such as religion, gender, race etc...

Since we have several experienced but harsh recruiters checking all the try-outs from new recruits we have a steady but slow flow of new members. The values of safety, trust and being a family are way too important for us to allow lots of people to enter. The recruitment process can be seen as hard when compared to other clans, that is however the way we have come to prefer it. Our average age is around 16-18, which means we are a little bit more mature than most of the other Minecraft groups, but we have several younger people too. In the end, if you are chill, mature and somewhat good in PvP you have absolutely nothing to worry about when applying for the Elite clan!


(Elite diversity in mid 2022)

3. Our requirements.
Before you apply to join us, we need to make sure you meet all of our requirements. If any of these don't apply to you, you will be denied instantly. In the try-out you will first be asked a bunch of standard questions, and later you need to find a time when both you and the recruiter are available to play both raw PvP and your favourite game on any of the supported servers. After this, the Elite clan staff team will take a look at your application and discuss it. You will get a detailed result in your DM's once we are finished. Hopefully this all doesn't discourage you and we will see your name pop up in our list of recruits! 💕

➔ You need a Discord account. (age 13+)
➔ You need to speak English on a conversational level.
➔ You need to be able to change your Minecraft name.
We require you to have _Elite at the front of your name after you have passed the trial period as an Elite.
➔ You need to be decent in PvP. (Version 1.9+)
➔ You cannot have a history of toxicity.
You cannot be in another clan at the same time.
Exceptions can be made in some cases
➔ You need to be a nice person. 🫂

If you believe you are ready to apply pls friend add TheFirstDreamer on Discord.
⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ Java only!


(A group of Elites in October 2023)
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Application are closed rn
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