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May 3, 2021
I think all the spring maps are the best maps ever made on Java and on Bedrock they've got that spring spirit and the maps feel nostalgic and looks clean. Even if they add spring maps I'm down cause cubecraft got the best maps 💯
Apr 19, 2023
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's Spring already?! Okay... now we might be a little late :monkeylookaway:

Our dev team is fully focused on our 1.19 Update to Bedrock. However, we still want the server to feel fresh! So we've brought back Spring in a more simple form. This means you can experience new maps, map challenges and a returning bundle. Have fun!

🌻 New Spring Maps

🪄 Magic - Solo Lucky Islands

View attachment 220774
Hats off to this rabbit

🌺 Sprung - Free for All

View attachment 220783
Time to spring into action

🐰 Spring - SkyWars Duels

View attachment 220775
Time to sprung into action 🙈
(Bedrock only)

🥕 Carrots - Parkour

View attachment 220773
Carrot believe it's time to jump

Decoration - Team EggWars
View attachment 220764

Basket - Team EggWars
View attachment 220763

Eggcelent - SkyWars Teams of 2 (Bedrock only)
View attachment 220767

Hunt - SkyWars Teams of 2 (Bedrock only)
View attachment 220769

Farm - PvP Duels (Bedrock only)
View attachment 220765

Garden - BlockWars CTF (Bedrock only)
View attachment 220766

Carrots - Lucky Islands Teams of 4 (Bedrock only)
View attachment 220768

🗺️ Java Spring Map Challenges!

Map challenges are back! - You can find them in the challenges menu or do /challenges in the chat. There are two challenges to try out. Explorer & Winner. The Explorer challenge requires you to play each of the Spring maps, whilst the Winner challenge requires you to win on each of them. There are rewards up for grabs, including Spring Cubelets!

View attachment 220786
Challenges Menu - Spring Map Challenges

🌷 Bloom Bundle

Our epic Bloom Bundle is making a return! Packed with Spring themed cosmetics, from trails and cages, to buddies and gravestones. Check it out in our lobbies or our Bedrock Server Store!

View attachment 220770

✨ Trails

Dandelion & Ladybug Swarm Trails

🧚 Buddies

Fairy & Bunny Buddies

🪦 Gravestones

Mushrooms & Lily Pond Gravestones

🏛️ Cages

Greenhouse & Flower Pot Cages

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy all the content from our Spring Event 2023! - More to come in the near future.
I wish there was a new solo map
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