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Aug 30, 2021
Community Highlights - June 🌸

Hello everyone, it's time for another community sta- wait a second, something's different...

That's right, this thread series now has a slightly different name! I feel that this name is a better fit for what the thread series has become throughout the recent months. It's no longer just about stats, but about celebrating the server and community and all the best parts of it!

That being said, I have quite a few new things in store for you this month! First of all, there is a new Discord users section in the Hall of Fame. I would like to thank @Hoshi for the idea and @Fesa for helping me out with getting the stats! The honourable mention section has also returned to Top Threads. These threads are chosen by me to receive a place here, instead of it being based on the score they receive. From now on, I have decided that there is only going to be one honourable mention per edition, to make the space feel more special! Finally, I have re-added the graphs at the end for forum profile posts and reactions.

If you have any suggestions of your own, make sure to reply below! Without any further ado, let’s get into the thread!

June Updates 🌸

To start off, let’s take a look at all of the updates and changes that have happened across the network this month! June has been a rather quiet month in terms of updates, but we have received a long-awaited progression update in regards to the Bedrock 1.19 migration. Let me show you what else has happened…

  • June 7 - Muhh and Stijnnn_ have been promoted to Moderator, and AnolTongi left the Helper team.
  • June 11 - Announced on June 4th, today was the day of CubeCraft HQ's second EggWars event! You can read the event announcement here, and find out more about our community partners here. If you missed it and would like to join the next one, make sure to join their Discord server to keep yourself up-to-date!
  • June 19 - The rules page has been rewritten and moved over to the helpdesk site. You can read the rules here!
  • June 21 - The admin team has posted an update on where things are with the 1.19 migration to Bedrock, as well as what the team would like to work on next. They have also announced that they will be hosting a community Q&A event! The Team CubeCraft Q&A will be taking place on July 7th, so make sure you don't miss it!
  • June 25 - Amazinq left the moderation team.
  • June 27 - Imminent, OnlyTijmen and TheOrderOfSapphire have been promoted to Helper.
  • June 30 - The public updates board has been updated. The Bedrock 1.19 update has been moved into the testing stage, and on the board you can find some nice previews for them as well as the upcoming summer content! Check out the board here!

Top Threads 🌸
Check out the most popular threads that were posted on the forums this month! Friendly reminder to react to all of the original posts in threads that you like, as this will give those threads a better chance of making it onto this list!

Top Suggestions
🥇 Bring back the To4 map Birthday by @qCooperr
It appears that the EggWars map Birthday is a very highly requested map to return to the network, as this suggestion thread managed to take the top spot this month! (Score: 9)
🥈 Capture the flag and bridges mid joining by @rlnostalgic
Another highly-requested change, this thread suggests that joining games in progress in BlockWars should be optional, or removed completely. Be sure to check it out! (Score: 9)
🥉 Make compasses more common in sg by @WorriedSkate940
This thread suggests that compasses in survival games should be easier to find. There are a lot of good responses already, and there’s still time to add your own! (Score: 7)

Top Creations
🥇 Bedrock Online Leaderboards and API! (Unofficial) by @FreezeEngine
This is one of the most underrated creations I’ve seen in a while! To everyone who worked on this, you did an amazing job, and you definitely deserve this month’s top spot! (Score: 11)
🥈 10K WINS IN EGG WARS MEGA !!! by @Daniil343
On June 19th, Daniil343 posted about reaching the outstanding milestone of 10,000 wins in EggWars Mega. They’ve posted a montage to celebrate, so be sure to check it out! (Score: 8)
🥉 I Made This Video In ONLY 3 Hours… by @Sgribl
One of our newest partners has created a very entertaining video for you to watch. This creation managed to take third place this month, so it’s surely worth watching! (Score: 7)

Honourable Mention
⭐ FFA Changes by @xclutchingg
Unfortunately, this thread was not eligible for the top suggestions category due to the large amount of artificial reactions it received. But I still felt that it deserved a spot in this thread! With 62 positive reactions, there is no doubt that it is the most-liked thread on the forums this month.

Hall of Fame 🌸
Here are the most active users on the forums from this month! I must admit, some of these placements are quite surprising. We’ve got a few new faces on the leaderboards, and it looks like someone has managed to top one hundred messages! Unfortunately, I was beaten out of third place in reaction score by a mere two reactions. I'll get it next time...! And, as promised, we have the top three Discord users of the month included as well!

Most Profile Posts
🥇 @Hoshi - 96 profile posts
🥈 @JingusTheRingus - 65 profile posts
🥉 @OnlyTijmen - 62 profile posts

Most Reaction Score
🥇 @Hoshi - 168 reactions
🥈 @Salty_Shadows - 105 reactions
🥉 @Casualpoalrbear - 83 reactions

Most Forum Messages
🥇 @𝑷𝑹𝑶 𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑵𝑨𝑨𝑹 - 102 messages
🥈 @Casualpoalrbear - 45 messages
🥉 @Aratic - 43 messages

Most Discord Messages
🥇 notmarshycc - 8,119 messages
🥈 hoshitastic - 5,914 messages
🥉 ximena - 4,994 messages

June Stats 🌸
Interested in knowing some cool statistics about the community this month? Then this section is just for you! The text in brackets that you see beside each stat is how it compares to last month. The thread is also getting quite long, so I've placed some of the stats in spoilers.

Total Stats
  • Total forum members joined: 575 (+19)
  • Total forum threads created: 145 (-38)
  • Total forum messages sent: 1,146 (-75)
  • Total forum profile posts made: 1,357 (+321)
  • Total forum reactions used: 2,732 (-39)
  • Total Discord members joined: 1,154 (+188)
  • Total Discord messages sent: 169,003 (-6,852)
  • Total Discord tickets created: 1,174 (+57)

Activity Stats
  • Most forum profile posts: June 27 (205 profile posts)
  • Least forum profile posts: June 15 (12 profile posts)
  • Most forum reactions: June 4 (190 reactions)
  • Least forum reactions: June 6 & June 19 (55 reactions)
  • Most forum messages: June 11 & June 4 & June 1 (60 messages)
  • Least forum messages: June 19 (16 messages)
  • Most Discord messages: June 13 (10,143 messages)
  • Least Discord messages: June 6 (3,680 messages)

Subforum & Channel Stats
  • The most popular subforum was The Lobby (356 messages)
  • The most popular Discord channel was English General (124,679 messages)

And that’s everything! What do you think of the updates this month? Do you agree with my picks for the top threads? Thank you for reading and have a nice day, whichever day you’re reading this on!
that very nice! i want to be on top too one day😂😁
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