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  1. Calichin

    Implemented Duo Survival Games

    Hi all, I have spent a good amount of time on the bedrock server for cubecraft. I know teaming is against the rules and frankly after playing all the game modes a good amount, I rarely see people cross teaming in egg wars and skywars, and it barely happens in mineware since it really is just a...
  2. C

    All Networks Change the survival games border.

    The survival games border is displayed as a bunch of red particals. It causes me to lag out. please change the border to something like,a border of passthroughable Redstone blocks or something like that.
  3. D

    Why are people on Xbox so bad?

    So before this turns toxic, let me clarify. I play on both Xbox and PC. The skill gap between PC players and Xbox players is very noticeable. While this is to be expected because it is PC we are talking about, the sheer lack of intelligence from Xbox players is kind of shocking. This not only...
  4. Y

    Java Death Animations

    In any of the games on cubecraft that include pvp, such as skywars or pvp, Please add the death animations from hungergames/survival games into those games. In other words, add the death animations from survival games, into other games! That would be very nice! :D Also, please try to add...
  5. williamSG

    Java Survival Games Update

    Survival games is one of the most enjoyable game modes in all the server, yet it's still very abandoned since some time now. I personally believe it's such a pity that it's being left behind and this is why I suggest a new update, that would be awesome, I left you a poll in the upper part of...
  6. Jackxist

    Hackers | Feel Trapped

    If you have ever encountered a hacker in anyway, if you have you will know the feeling, the feeling of being trapped in a room where the walls do not stop coming in. You see hackers make it so that players have a near to impossible chance to escape this feeling. either you quit or you die...
  7. QueenHammie

    [Survival Games]Rupees (emeralds dropped from the sky)

    Does anyone know what Rupees do (emeralds dropped from sky in sg)? Or are they pointless? Lots of people have been asking :P
  8. DaveyDa

    Survivalgames "border"

    Hey DaveyDa here. Before the new update i was really good at Survivalgames but now when ur on a kill streak and hunting down people the game just randomly spawns in a border and you die instantly? I think they should: Or change it back to the old border, or put in a timer so you know when the...
  9. Chimpeeze

    Survival Games

    This is just a copy and paste of a thread created by @Thefty that was posted in the wrong section, but never moved. (https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/survival-games-suggestion.178980/) Hey there! As much as I love SG I've been noticing that it has been dying out lately. So I decided to make a...
  10. NorbertH

    Teaming in solo mode

    On many occasions, games are made to be not as fun because people will team in solo modes of SkyWars and others. Even though this is against the rules, I still happens a lot. I have a few solutions: 1) Things should be done to discourage teaming before the games, such as a message before...
  11. Cheez

    Survival Games Guide/Tips/Info (07/09/16)

    Survival Games is a Battle Royale/Hunger Games-inspired game where your goal is to be the last man standing. How to play In this game, players battle and strive for victory, and also search for chests full of things to help them win. The last man (or woman) wins. To begin, players spawn on...
  12. Jazzyjaykillz

    Is there an enchantment table on every sg map??

    So I have played a lot of Sg and I play every map but ruins and Seasons. I know where most the enchantment tables are List of maps i know have enchantment tables: -------------------------------------------------- Candy/Desert/Fairytale/Steampunk/Village...
  13. killkill_85

    Survival Games Settings

    It would be great to add Settings in Survival Games, i think it would be easy to do, because un talking about the same settings like the Skywars settings, time and chest type voting.
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