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  1. Higgachu

    Video [1.9] Centuries - EggWars Montage - CubeCraft

    Here is my first official video. I'd love to hear what you guys think!😆
  2. cnmranger

    FFA Me Myself And I (Minecraft Montage) | Crazy Combos

    Edited this to the best of my ability using sharefactory. Hope you liked it and make sure to give it a like on youtube. Thank youuu
  3. pipiklatie

    Video Blockclutch Montage | In Remembrance of 1.8

    Hi fellow gamers, Since i was/am a 1.8 player and was really sad with the closing of 1.8 i wanted to make my final 1.8 video with my best Clutches over the last 6 months! I hope you enjoy!
  4. DarkStray

    Video My First, and worlds greatest, CUBECRAFT MONTAGE!

    Hello Everyone! Tell me what you think of my montage 😏 Please react and reply why you may like or dislike about it
  5. Herbubulle

    Video CubeCraft Montage ! With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Music <3 !

    Hello ! Here is my new video on CubeCraft Games !!! It's a montage Special 50 Subscribers (Thanks !!! :o) with "Crazy My Beat" by CODA (Music for Joseph Joestar, representing the events of the second part BATTLE TENDENCY !!) I hope you will watch this video which took me several hours to...
  6. FetaBass

    Video My best edited Cubecraft Eggwars Montage yet

    Decided to edit a montage with the clips that I had still laying around in my folders. Kinda lost motivation while editing, but I think it came out pretty good. The title & thumbnail says enough about the quality ig :monkeylook: Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback behind either on my YouTube...
  7. RitualMC

    eggwars mega

    hi i made a montage where i played eggwars mega. it took me a lot of effort to make so what do you think?
  8. FetaBass

    Video So I edited a Cubecraft Montage..

    Hey everyone, I'm still new to the Forums so I hope I did everything correctly :despair: My friend asked me to edit his video which I tried to do my best on. I think it looks pretty well, but I'd like to get feedbacks from the perspective of a viewer so I can improve, in short: what could I do...
  9. pipiklatie

    Video CubeCraft Eggwars map cinematic (15 hours of work)

    Hi fellow cubecrafters, I made this eggwars cinematic as a throwback to the old cubecraft map cinematics back in the days. I would love to make more of these on different gamemodes suggest me on what game i should make another one! Video:
  10. Goodyannathan

    Video 5 skywars leaderboards! goody's montage

    hey, Im goody today i got on every single skywars leaderboard on the bedrock network. because of that i made a montage! hope u all enjoy :D
  11. pipiklatie

    Video Villlagers take over Eggwars (Replaymod montage)

    So i made a short montage that in my opinion is very nice and i think you fellow cubecrafters will like it too. Video:
  12. ImJoren

    Video FAST - Minecraft Montage

    It took long enough, I found the motivation back. By the 1000 subscribers, I will explain how I edit my videos. Enjoy!
  13. R9 Slain

    Video First Video - Spent 2 Hours on This | Tell me what you like or not :)

    This is my first ever montage video and edited video on my channel Please tell me what you like and don't like This is my first ever time using Premiere pro or an editing software And I want to know how much you like the video :D
  14. ZeroResistance

    Video lil montage :)

    I was thinking about making a YouTube channel so here we are. I thought lets start of with a nice edit from the past few days hope you guys enjoy :D
  15. unpy

    Video They Watchin Me - By unpy

    Hello guys!! Today I posted this video on Youtube, I hope u enjoy it! Likes and subs are always welcome :D
  16. unpy

    Video A Cubecraft Montage

    Hello Boys And Girls Yesterday I made this cubecraft montage and put some time into it. So that's why I would like to ask if you guys could like this video on YouTube itself, that would be great! And if you enjoyed the video, subscribing is always welcome. :) Send nice messages too, of...
  17. Ediinsonn

    Minecraft EggWars #38

    New video! I hope you like it :) So if you like you can subscribe! New video (coming soon)
  18. Ediinsonn

    Eggwars 30#

    Hi! I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel! hope you like! :) Eggwars #30 Cubecraft "Superpoderosas" More Eggwars: Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/c/iediinsonn
  19. pipiklatie

    Video 100+ Clutch Montage

    This is my 4th montage ever made, i made some very insane block clutches and pearl clutches. The last time i made a video/montage it was greatly appriciated so i made a new one with better clutches and better editting. hope y'all enjoy would like to see some feedback if you have any. I make...
  20. A

    Video Skywars Duels Montage video, quality is bad but take me a long time to do

    Hi! Yesterday I post my first video, 1080P but I dont think i configure Action the right way for this video, but I want some advice for my next video, video removed by moderator
  21. pipiklatie

    Video Map Review Zen

    So i have been playing alot of Zen becasue i think it's a really cool map so i decided to make a review montage of this new map i think you all cubecraft players would like to see this video i made. It took me quite some time to make it but i really enjoy making these kind of video's. Video...
  22. Dokter

    Java Any tips on how I can improve my videos?

    This is my first thread : ) But I worked really hard on this video and I want to know how I can improve them. The gameplay isn’t that amazing but fighting without weapons is different so that’s why. I look forward to seeing some responses.
  23. Foxy011

    Video Bedrock Skywars Montage

    A CubeCraft Skywars Montage on Bedrock! Hope you guys enjoy! :)
  24. Sweetenerera

    Layer Spleef Montage

    So celebrate that Layer Spleef has finally been featured again, and to celebrate that Layer Spleef won the voting, I made a montage. I actually made it instead of recording gameplay, throwing it in one file and never editing it. Enjoy.
  25. Skyfire_swe

    Video Kill-flow ecstasy

    A new kind of video for me, had a lot of fun making it! Hope you will enjoy it :)
  26. VolK3NSurYoutube


    Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5aNCcq_r_kjYxBOekjmXw?sub_confirmation=1 Video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=weaVqv4ibaE
  27. I

    Video Assassination Diamond Kill Montage!

    Hello, I’m Sean a Assassinations YouTuber and I just found this Thread where you can post your YouTube videos on. Here ya go!
  28. TheFloppyPig

    Video Skywars TNT Jumping Montage

    Had a blast making this (haha) Hope you enjoy ;)
  29. SanSpookie


    Hey there! I just made a video about TNT jumping, here it is: And a link: https://youtu.be/9JBGjtvpC94 This has to be a code, otherwise it would not work. Hope you enjoy(ed)! -SanCookie
  30. T

    Video My series MONTAGE PVP EDIT !

    Hey ! My channel youtube is mainly edit montage pvp, check this and subscribe bro' ! My PROMO EDIT : Thanks for watching bro' !
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