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  1. S

    All Networks mob bugs

    so when my island is loading in skyblock the blocks aren't really blocks yet so the entity's that walk can just escape. so spiders keep escaping the spiderfarm that i made when i need to repair something. How can i fix this?
  2. thisisnautilus

    Bedrock Skyblock Mob insert

    Dear Cubecraft Team and Community, I'm playing now for a while, and everything is good but there is one problem i can't get a dog in Skyblock. Like we can get Cats but we can't get dogs. I know dogs have no spezial Abbility in the game but i'm sure a lot of players want some kind of Buddy or a...
  3. TheZigbot9000

    What’s your favorite mob in Minecraft?

    Okay this might be classified as a useless thread but I’m just curious. So lately I’ve been in a normal vanilla Minecraft mood and I got a little curious and started watching different Minecraft videos on YouTube. Ever since I first picked up on the game of Minecraft, I’ve always been a fan of...
  4. L

    Java Mob tags

    Hi I would like to be able to turn off the names / tags above the mobs, it gives me a lot of fps lagg even though I look through many blocks from a far distance, if the names are rendering I have fps lagg
  5. Kloska

    Tower Defence: Change this please

    Just a small suggestion inspired by @SanCookie ;) I suggest changing the swords in the hands of the most monster sent leaderboard players to mob heads instead. I'd make sense cause the leaderboard is based on how many monsters they've sent and not killed. This is what it looks like: The mob...
  6. lars.l

    tower defend update

    tower defnce update This is @lars.l this time a new suggestion about towers defense Tower Defense needs an update with new towers and potions We start with the weapon / potions upadte first I would like to do it instead of just doing a heavy axes in the shop then you start swording with a...
  7. M

    mob arena new game

    It would be cool if there was a mob arena like you have a few maps to chose from and you have kits and you all spawn in a map with a few playes (no PvP only PvE) and there come waves with monsters that get stronger each round and maybe instead of buying kits buying ranks with kits in them like...
  8. T

    New mobs suggestion 0.1

    Zombie Horse The Zombie Horse can be unlocked from the mob shop with 80 exp.Sending a Horse will cost 70 coins.A dead horse will give its "creator" 15 exp. Compared with a zombie it has 50 HP and speed (2.2) causing it to be used efficiently during early games.However an Ice tower and nearby...
  9. bys1

    Summoner kit blockwars

    Today I've tried the new summoner kit. The mobs don't help me. Reason: They're too slow. Players just run away from them. Suggestion: Make the mobs faster - as fast as players, or maybe even a tiny bit faster.
  10. Ellie Williams

    Minor Kit PvP Suggestion

    I think that when designing a custom PvP kit, there should be an option in "Settings Sid" that determines whether a mob should attack the person who spawned it or not. Simple!
  11. Andingore

    EGGWARS!!: ways to make the game better

    HI! I would like to state somethings about Eggwars Eggwars is an insanely fun game. I play it alot and think that it is the best game on Cubecraft! It is very original. But having said these thing, I think there are ways to make it better... 1. add wands, as in lucky islands! I think it will...
  12. Ellie Williams

    Tower Defense Tips!

    Hey, what's up guys! CattyCat here with some some Tower Defense tips for all of you :fantamug:!!! 1. Don't place ice, mage, or poison too close together: they don't stack. Doing so is like eating two enchanted golden apples one right after the other, or renewing your library books right after...
  13. soysuva

    [Suggestion] Tower Defense - Cost of sending Mobs | Exp/Coins

    Something I've noticed while playing this version of Tower defense compared to thechunk TTD is that mobs cost alot/expensive to send now than on thechunk. Pigmens cost 120 per 1, so if I were to send 12, it would cost me 1,440 coins just to send to get 360(only 30 xp per 1) xp. Compared to the...
  14. brayden Guy

    Skywars Mob Helpers

    I think we should add rare spawn eggs that help you with projectiles like blazes, snow golem, skeletons or something along those lines. It will provide a twist and a whole new experience to skywars! :D
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