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  1. dheartg


    I think that having parkour leaderboards in the lobbies would enhance the dynamic of the lobbies a bit for people to check they're stats maybe there can be like a parkour history every time they've reached at the end of the parkour. I think it could show right next to the parkour who are the top...
  2. Reesle

    Bedrock Cool and easier Skyblock update ideas

    Hey Cubecraft! I know that you recently cancelled the skyblock end update, but I have ideas for skyblock updates that might be easier. You don’t have to use all the ideas, but it would be cool if you could do at least a few of them. 1. Ability to use trails in skyblock 2. Ability to use shoes in...
  3. L

    Bedrock Ideas for M&M

    Hi! I am LegoNick, and first i would like to say if i do something wrong here, i am sorry i just made this forums acc 30 seconds ago lol. Recently i started playing cubecraft BE and have really enjoyed the new M&M Rpg game, and have beaten the final boss and gathered all the current staffs. My...
  4. S

    Bedrock CTF Idea #1 Flag before game over

    When you have the flag just before the game ends you should get an extra minute to capture the flag, and if the person with the flag loses it, the game automatically ends. Music that give the vibes to run as fast as possible should play while this happens. The score board should say CAPTURE THE...
  5. T

    Bedrock Monster Battles(idea)

    Please note this is an idea and not conformation of anything. This would be a battle type minigame that starts of like egg wars. You collect resources to buy upgrades and weapons. Instead of an egg, you have a nursery. Nursery's display your monsters Health and allow you to heal them for a cost...
  6. Mr_Bigams

    Java Survival Games

    I would Love A New Gamemode! How about survival games? Who is with me??!!
  7. ItsMaxxie

    All Networks Cubecraft app

    Hello cubecrafters, I was thinking, how can we make cubecraft easier with the report, forums, appeals, leaderboards etc. So my idea was to create an app on your mobile devices where you can report people or go on the forum etc. The Same thing like https://www.cubecraft.net/ but than with a app...
  8. Minlegoe

    New maps that should be added

    Please comment down below and tell me what maps should be added, Even If I can't add it myself I can try and get your comment info to someone who can, I think there should be a old times map! or a mine
  9. Z

    Ideas for SkyWars

    Hello CubeCrafters So I have Some Brilliant ideas for SkyWars Games. Here some of them: 1.Make a new kit call Enderman That will give you some 4 ender pearls and the custom will be Enderman Head and blach leather armor 2.Make a new ability called No Knockback that wont knock you hard *This...
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