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  1. GodlyFirecracker

    Java Lose/Lost Effect(A Cosmetic unlockable) And display Losses/Lost into stats(Java)

    Why not,as I wanna actually see lose/Lost Effect,most of them will be particles and unique like win effect,and if implemented there will be 5 initial unlockables 1.Good Game Head(Red):Rarity of rare or legendary,same as win effect,but the color is red because it represent lose/lost 2.Anger...
  2. palej

    Other Games What happened with lobby games?

    I remember relic hunting with my friend like a year or so ago, I've started playing cubecraft more so I want to know where it went, I can't find it anywhere in the lobby

    Bedrock Other Games What do you think that the best game on CubeCraft is?

    What do you think that the best game on CubeCraft is? Let us know by voting for your favourite. Share your opinion with the rest of the community. Vote now and decide which game you think is the best on the CubeCraft network🎮

    Suggestions for New Game Modes on Cubecraft?

    We all like the variety of game modes on the server, but have you ever thought about new game modes that you would like to see added to Cubecraft? In this discussion thread, we'd like to hear your suggestions for new game modes that you think would be fun and exciting to play. What type of game...

    Your Favorite CubeCraft Games Maps that are No Longer Available

    As many of you know, CubeCraft Games has had to remove certain maps from its network for various reasons. While we understand that these decisions are necessary, it's always sad to see some of our favorite maps disappear. We'd like to hear from you about your favorite CubeCraft Games maps that...

    Bedrock Java Let's Talk About Our Favorite CubeCraft Games!

    As CubeCraft Games players, I think it would be great to have a thread dedicated to discussing our favorite games on the server. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and opinions. What are your top picks for CubeCraft Games? Do you...
  7. Casualpoalrbear

    Rock, paper, scissors (monthly game 1)

    What we are going to do is play a game of rock, paper, scissors, we do this buy starting a poll with the three options. Which ever choice get the most vote just straight up loses but the one that defeats the most popular one is the winner. For example let say 8 people votes on rock while 4 votes...
  8. guinea_pigcrown5687

    21 questions

    Hi! So @BurntCrown8876 🌈 made 20 questions but it's kinda dead so I am going to make it again with a twist. Instead of having 20 questions you get one more question. Leaderboards @guinea_pigcrown5687 --- 3 guess --- Rules It MUST be minecraft related (so it doesn't have to be cubecraft...
  9. Spring5972

    Bedrock The party size is too big to play solo.

    Excuse me, why I can’t even play solo with my party members? I had like 2 or more members in the party and it’s not letting me play solo. Teams of 2 and 4 would be able to play it. I also tried playing again saying your party has too many players to continue playing this mode. For example, if...
  10. D

    All Networks Suggestions and chat improvement.

    In the framework update several things changed, as an indicator if someone died, the problem is that the way it is displayed is not aesthetic. As you can see "[Death]" is more marked than "[Global]". this could change to: [Global][Dead] diego13500: hola I also suggest some changes in the chat...
  11. Dont kill

    All Networks Tasks (Suggest)

    My Suggestion Is To Add Someplace Or A New Item When We Enter To It, It Will Show Us Our Tasks Like (Kill 4 Players In Sky Wars , Win 2 Games Of Block Wars.....) And Stuff Like That (Kill-Players, Win-Games, Break-Eggs, Use Things "Like -Totem-Ender Pearl-Snow ball-..."....) And If Someone...
  12. steveymcsteve07

    All Networks Seasonal Eggwars Game Modes on rotation

    It would be fun to have some one-week game modes for Eggwars. I suggest having a couple of modes that either happens for 1 week each month or are just in a cycle. Please vote for all the game modes you like in the poll. You can vote for as many as you like.
  13. Senpai ♔

    Java Suggestions - game

    Suggestion: what if Cubecraft added a Minecraft manhunt game? only for Minecraft java edition, if you did not know what is manhunt game, its a Minecraft game Created by a Minecraft YouTuber called Dream, Minecraft Manhunt is essentially a game that sees one player attempt to defeat the Ender...
  14. Texbirds

    What are some of your favorite games outside of Minecraft?

    Hey all, With a gigantic amount of really good games on the market right now, it's very likely you don't just play Minecraft and like to mix up your gaming experience sometimes! That's why I'm asking this really simple question. Some people like Valorant, some like games like COD, others enjoy...
  15. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Make more non pvp games

    Hello guys today I’d like to present my idea for more non pvp games because we have like none. 1st Idea.porting over tower defense 2nd idea.Making a Build battle this will allow the cubecraft community to compete and build with their friends on their favorite server.It will give 10 minutes to...
  16. Wave Master7S

    All Networks /stats

    There should be /stats in the server and it will work like this. /stats ew and it will so your stats for ew /stats sw shows stats for skywars /stats sg shows stats for survival games /stats ms shows minerware stats /stats bw shows Blockwars and bridge stats /stats li shows lucky Islands stats...
  17. xELITESx

    Java Old Pre-Game-Lobby

    As you well know, previously there was a pre-game lobby before each game, for example: SkyWars, you used the compass to go to the SkyWars Lobby and there you could see your stats, search for a specific map, etc. Since unfortunately the number of players had dropped on the server it was decided...
  18. zFqcus

    Java Closing Votes

    Hey, Cubecraft! I have a new idea for Java, For the games where you can choose a kit. My idea is If you play a game with kits, it is very annoying when people suddenly start voting for Overpowered at the last second. While you grab your kit that you always have with Basic. And then your kit...
  19. Zebooky


    As a veteran player on this server, I NEED to tell this server, UPDATE LUCKY ISLANDS! One of the reason why lucky islands isn't the most popular game is because it NEVER GETS UPDATED! I never go on the forums but I really need to address this issue, that this game needs to be fixed. If you work...
  20. JokeKaedee

    [JAVA] Favorite Games

    Heya CubeCrafters! I'm JokeKaedee and I play on the Java Network. I usually play SkyWars but I'm looking for some new games to play. Therefore I ask you to vote on the poll (submit your fav games) and tell me why! This would be an easy and fun way to let others know what your favorite games...
  21. EliteGamerYT146

    Bedrock Can i get some thoughts on the 2 new games on the bedrock version

    Ok... this will mostly likely not decide the future of the 2 new games that are in beta but I will say it will anyways so... Tell which one is better VOTE NOW! also i played both and won the first game on both of them <3
  22. EliteGamerYT146

    All Networks Which game mode both Java and Bedrock do you think needs a new feature the most

    vote now of which game mode you think needs a new feature the most!
  23. Md211211


    I think the new game should be chamber
  24. Saruhh

    Java Make BW CTF Permanent

    Hi, I know that many people won't even see this thread, but like, while BW was a featured game, I noticed that Cube's players went up. All I want to say is that if maybe Cube adds BW CTF as a perm game, yall would have more players. Plus, it's like an original game that dated all the way back...
  25. _FOX_6

    All Networks new possibility for ranked

    Hello, I am writing today to share an idea I have about a possibility of "games" to rank them. The idea would be to do something like minplex, if you know. There is a private game system for players who have a rank, so that they can play games with their friends without other unwanted players...
  26. PenguinMan320

    Bedrock Juggernaut modes for existing pvp games

    One person has the combined health of everyone in they game times two, as well as doing two times as much damage(wood sword=8 damage, Stone=10 damage, etc.), and the rest of the people have to defeat the Juggernaut to win. The juggernaut will take 50% knockback with axes, 25% knockback with...
  27. Gabo999

    Java Suggestion

    Hi, i suggest to add the bridge in cubecraft
  28. CaptainAdian

    Java Add Blockwars again!

    Blockwars is a strategic game where 2 different teams fight each other for either a core or a flag. We will be given a few minutes to set up defences using the materials/blocks that we have in our inventory. Later, the walls will unlock and the 2 teams will engage at each other. Long ago...
  29. L

    Java Elytra Game`s

    hi some time ago we had elytra`s in pvp and maps about that in pvp and is their a pocibility that cubecraft can make some elytra game`s and maybe some elytra racing games and elytra gamemodes where do you see them in 2020??? Hopefully elytra game`s comeback and i wil see :) Bye -loekiegaming
  30. L

    All Networks Suggestion: add arcade again

    Hey, I think it's especially good for Cubecraft to add arcade to the server again, because the games like paintball and bingo were just very popular. (Then I mainly have Java). I often come across players who find it very unfortunate that games such as Bingo have been removed. I know that there...
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