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  1. FreezeEngine

    Coding Minecraft Keybinds Switcher! (Bedrock)

    Hey fellow Minecrafters! I'm excited to introduce you to MinecraftKeybindsSwitcher, a nifty tool that I've developed to make managing keybinds in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition a breeze! With this tool, you can now easily save and apply multiple keybind profiles, making it super convenient to...
  2. DarkStray

    Bedrock [REPOST] Ranked Playlist - Featured Mode

    Ranked Playlist Ideas •Point Systems •LTM Scoreboard(“Game Statistics”) with suggestions •Matchmaking •Gamemode “shuffle” or Playlist Reset Who Would this Effect? This would effect the competitive players! I want this Competitive gameplay to be A CHOICE meaning it’s NOT IN THE CORE MODES it...
  3. D

    All Networks New Gamemode

    Hey Cubecraft, Please add a new Game mode called Sumo in Hypixel. I think a lot of players would like it.
  4. T

    Java Test new gamemodes before releasing them (Beta-team)

    Hi Cubecraft I really like it that cube lately added 2 new gamemodes (Blockwars and Colony Control), but I still think those were released to early. For example Colony control: sometimes only 1 villager is spawned while the mine is already level 4, or you can buy an iron pickaxe for 30 gold...
  5. Z

    Java Eggwars improvements.

    General idea My general idea is: - New Gamemode - Map selection stone ranks New Gamemode The new gamemode is just a Voting option in solo and team eggwars, just like hardcore and OP. The general idea of the new gamemode is almost the same as OP, but Obsidian needs to be more expensive...
  6. QuintenVermaas

    All Networks New game Suggestion: Hide and Seek

    Dear Cubecraft, As one of my first time in Cubecraft I remember there was an "Arcade" lobby (OG's remember the Super Mario lobby) with Hide and Seek as one of the gamemodes! I really enjoyed playing, It was one of my Favourite Gamemode! Simply hide yourself in a Block and make sure you don't...
  7. TP_Mees

    Java Speed Eggwars

    Dear CubeCrafters, Like 2 years ago, speed Eggwars was added to CubeCraft. Me and my friends really enjoyed it because the games were just much more strategic. Since then, it has never been an option again. I have no clue why they removed the game mode but I would love it to come back. If there...
  8. O

    Old Gamemode!

    Dear, Cubecraft. One thing my english is very bad. I'm a Big fan of your server but i miss one Thing I liked a acarde Game And there i meeted my best friend right now so Can you bring it Back? Greets, Gekkie008_YT
  9. shanewolf38

    Change EggWars Overpowered Gamemode

    Okay, so here me out. When I say change the Overpowered gamemode, I don't mean change the way it plays, but how players access it. Personally, I dislike the gamemode a lot, unless it's in half-health mode. Otherwise, it's really just an armor breaking contest that doesn't reward PvP skills in...
  10. WZ1521

    New Gamemode/Pricing/Too High Ranks

    A new game mode that I think should be added is hardcore. It will include 2x the price for mobs and towers. On the same topic, there should be a half pricing, you get half the income. I would also like to complain that you need obsidian rank to vote game mode and emerald rank to vote pricing. In...
  11. Hex4Nova

    Game Idea: Deception (NEW Game Modifiers & 50 CLASSES!)

    The game is currently only a concept, so I don't know if it'll work in the real game. If this game ever gets accepted, please make sure to do balance changes occasionally so there won't be any meta, which is usually the largest problem of a strategy game. Thanks. General Information...
  12. Deeds

    Leader Board Lobbies.

    Hello! Today i would like to welcome a (hopefully) new idea. Lobbies for leader boards. Most people have been wanting leaderboards for every game aspect, so this is basically it. To go into one, you follow these steps: 1- Choose the game that you want to play 2- There will be a sign in each...
  13. A

    2 Ideas for gametypes!

    Hello there! I made 2 gametypes for vanilla minecraft 1.10 and 1.9 For YOU (the server) to use the first one is Infected : and the second one is Capture And Destroy : The Infected gametypes is the same as MW3 and Ghosts .. But i've added killstreaks and kits in the game so it would be...
  14. Andingore

    EGGWARS!!: ways to make the game better

    HI! I would like to state somethings about Eggwars Eggwars is an insanely fun game. I play it alot and think that it is the best game on Cubecraft! It is very original. But having said these thing, I think there are ways to make it better... 1. add wands, as in lucky islands! I think it will...
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