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  1. G

    All Networks BIG EGG WARS UPDATE

    Hello everyone! I'm a player who has been enjoying this server, and Egg Wars in particular, for many years now, and even though I say I've been playing for many years, I can honestly say that I don't visit this server as regularly as I used to. The server has lost users over time on the Java...
  2. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Fabzy you're the best :)

    Fabzy are great :)
  3. Hoshi

    Video Funny Moments #5 - Lucky Islands

    Joined by @Lyriie, @Stijnnn_ and @Plusle, another funny moments compilation for you to enjoy! • I will be hosting events in my Discord server, of which the footage will go to these sorts of videos - Feel free to join in!
  4. Wildd

    Bedrock Cubecraft Level Revamp

    Hello All! I have been thinking about this idea for a while, and thought it was about time I shared a rough outline as I haven't seen anything similar to this posted on the forums. This is an overall suggestion to revamp Cubecraft experience levels. There are two parts, the level rewards and...
  5. Casualpoalrbear

    Can you get into this trap door?

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone figured out how to climb down this ladder or get in the lower floor any other way. There seems to be barrier block blocking you from just getting to it. Link to the ladder I'm on about
  6. Hoshi

    Video Funny Moments #4 - Lucky Islands & EggWars

    New funny moments compilation! (#4) 🎉 Joined by @Lyriie & @Stijnnn_
  7. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video What do you think the hacker would say If he/she would see this video? XD

    I would love to read your thoughts! 😂 (Comment with link lol)
  8. Swxrz

    Bedrock Optimise cubecraft!!

    Hello people, I don't know if this is for everyone, but I think cubecraft has a lot of lag and should be more optimized these days and there is so much lag that sometimes when loading a game in duels it lags and cannot hit players. In fact, it also needs to be optimized because at the time of...
  9. Casualpoalrbear

    All Networks Have instructions on how to chat globally appear in chat

    Tell people that going "!" will allow them to chat globally even if they are in a team. It would be one of those automatic messages like the ones telling people to go follow cubecraft tiktok.
  10. Hoshi

    Video Funny Moments #3 - Lucky Islands Edition

    After FIVE months, finally a new video. And after TWO years, finally a new funny moments edition! 📹
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