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  1. Thibo_Skillzz

    Blockwars maps

    Hey guys, im here to say something. I am very good at blockwars, and I play it a lot. And as you know, was there just a map update with different new maps, but unfortunately did they forget to make some new maps for blockwars :( And I just want to say that it's maybe 2 months aggo that they...
  2. Gatsbe

    Add /kill to blockwars

    What are you going to do when you're stuck in a hole with no pickaxe and no one to come save you? I think that there should be a /kill or a /stuck command to prevent you from being stuck for the whole entire match.
  3. Thibo_Skillzz

    stop teambalance!

    Hye everybody, im sure that you all have already played blockwars, and we all like that game, ehm, that's what I think about it. But the game isn't funny anymore when you got moved to the other team, cuz when your team is winning and you got moved to the loosing team, you'll get angry and leave...
  4. God.

    About the tank kit of blockwars...

    Well for starters I'm using google translate :/ . To start I would like to say that blockwars is my favorite mini game and I like many of its kits and maps, but there is something that I do not like much and that is the theme of the tank kit. It is a kit with an interesting concept, the...
  5. Thibo_Skillzz

    New kinda maps :)

    Hye everybody, I got some nice suggestion for blockwars. 1: More then 2 teams 2: More awesome maps 1: At first I begin with te amount of teams. Untill now, blockwars has always 2 teams. Okay it's fine but wouldn't it be awesome that there are more teams? Okay it is maybe a bit harder to win...
  6. Thibo_Skillzz

    New kits to blockwars?

    Hey everybody. The last time I play blockwars really really really much. But there's one big problem :( I've still 2 kits to buy and I have al my kits... No my question is: Could u add a little bit more kits? It'd be verry awesome! :D Thanx for any answer :)
  7. T

    Stop Blockwars Team Changes!

    Dear Cubecraft, Please can you stop with the Blockwars team changing in the middle of the game! If you are doing really well on a game and you die and are moved, it really sucks! I know it needs to be fair, but all it really ever does is just make people rage and quit. I propose that you make...
  8. Maomi

    [BlockWars] It's time. I can't take it anymore. [MUST READ]

    Okay. If I play a BlockWars match, get the score to 3-0 our favour... FALL INTO THE VOID... and get myself moved to the other team?!?!?!? THAT'S NOT FAIR. I won, fair and square, and Cubecraft has the sass to deprive me of my points!?! So, I've devised a game for those who have moved teams...
  9. BanBoy

    Rebalancing teams in blockwars

    Hello everybody, I've already posted this thread but I can't revive it so here's a link to the old thread if you want to take a look at it So long story short, a lot of people think that its unfair to transfer people to the other team. It's really annoying if you are playing with friends or...
  10. BanBoy

    Blockwars attempting to rebalance teams

    This thread is about blockwars and the transferring feature It happens a lot that players from the losing team will leave in blockwars, but why would you rebalance the teams? Its so unfair for the player who gets transferred and what's probably the most annoying is that you get transferred...
  11. Amanso

    Video No Deaths?!

    Playing 2 Games of Block Wars (Core Mode) First Game: No deaths & Won Second Game: Death :p & Won Hope You Guys Enjoy This Video <3
  12. bys1

    Summoner kit blockwars

    Today I've tried the new summoner kit. The mobs don't help me. Reason: They're too slow. Players just run away from them. Suggestion: Make the mobs faster - as fast as players, or maybe even a tiny bit faster.
  13. L

    Kit in BlockWars! Barbarian!

    Sick of the annoying attack cooldown? Want to defend, but an ordinary stone sword isn't enough? Then no worries! This kit is for you! (This is for 1.9 PvP mode ONLY) Barbarian He can hack and slash everyone with ease! Icon: Equipment: Wooden sword (27.5 attack speed) Diamond helmet Wooden...
  14. NotAnOG

    CubeGames IRL - Pt. 2 (POINTLESS) "Entering BlockWars"

    After he entered the BlockWars lobby his computer just blew up, cause he was grounded for eating all of the eggs. Jimmy then called a friend named Kenny (My IRL name) now Jimmy the in mature 16 year old was bored and decided to go with Kenny to the park. So Kenny agreed cause all he was doing...
  15. NotAnOG

    Pointless Eggwars Story, time, thingy. (WARNING: It's pointless and time wasting and yeah.

    One day jimmy was walking down the isle in Walmart and saw eggs. He thought "Oh my gahd, Oh meh--" then jimmy started to talk out loud and yelled "YOUR EGG HAS BEEN DESTROYED". So then Jimmy's mom decided to kill him with an egg, "G3T R3KT *CENCORED* *CENCORED*" this didn't work out too well...
  16. SpanishDream44

    BlockWars Kit Suggestion

    Hello.I have comed up with a kit Idea. I suggest kit infiltrator should be added. This kit has a wooden sword, no pickaxe, leather chesplate, and it's special ability. It's special ability is changing the tag colour for 10-15 seconds. For example I am on red team and I use my ability, my tag...
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