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    Hello there, I'm Cuba, nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums! I wish you the best of luck to reach one day, one of your dream jobs, I know you can do it, and always remember that to reach a dream, you have to work hard! Have a nice day and see you around!
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    New at the website

    Hello there, I'm Cuba, nice to meet you. It's always a pleasure to see people interested in becoming part of the staff team of CubeCraft! I wish you the best of luck to pass, and in the meanwhile, welcome to the forums!
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    I just joined and wanted to say...

    Hey there, it's Cuba here, welcome to the forums! I hope you will have a wonderful experience here in our community. ps: you rickrolled me, ahah Have fun!
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    My introduction, i guess

    Hi there, this is Cuba nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums. I'm glad that you are enjoying your time here at CubeCraft, I'm sure you will meet a lot of good people in our community. Stay safe and have a nice day!
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    Java Eggwars - Voting option and private games

    Hey there, yea I know. I still think that it would cause what stated previously by me. Have a nice day!
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    Duels 10,000 on duels

    Hi there, it's Cuba here. Congratulations on your achievement, it's tough to get there! You must have played hard to get there so quickly. Keep going, I expect to see 50k wins soon :£ Have a great day and good luck!
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    Which is better??? :)

    Hi there, this is Cuba here. This is a tough one, both are great. I would say that I prefer FFA when I'm playing with my friends, but I do prefer Duels if I want to chill and listen to music while playing :P Have a great day, see you around soon on the server!
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    Should counter cross teaming be allowed or bannable

    Hello there, it's Cuba here. In my opinion, counter-cross-teaming would be difficult to deal with, as not everyone would properly follow the right mechanics, and this would lead just to more rule-breakers. I feel that people would exploit this feature a bit too much, so it's better not to...
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    FFA How I would like ffa kits

    Hello there, I'm Cuba, nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with your changes, as I find the kits good as they are now. Each kit has its advantages and disadvantages, it's up to you to master them to know all the secrets behind them. Have a nice day!
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    Bedrock parkour prizes

    Oh yea for sure, a reward would be great. Maybe some experience would do the job just fine!
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    Bedrock parkour prizes

    Hello there, it's Cuba nice to meet you. I kind of like your idea, but personally I would just do an achievement, maybe called "feeling jumpy" (it has the perfect name for an achievement, doesn't it?). As previously said by Vrachtschip, the chat would just look messy with too many prefixes, so...
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    Escalated Daily Challenges

    Hello there, it's Cuba here. I've read your suggestion and I must say that it's a really good one. The current challenges system is a bit limited, so extending it with the elements stated in your suggestion would definitely revamp it, resulting in a better system. Having daily challenges for...
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    Java Should Cubecraft Add a Knockback Weapon?

    Hello there, I'm Cuba, nice to meet you. In my opinion, your idea would add more fun to the game, which is a very positive thing. You've also provided an effective solution for rushers, so your idea is just fine the way it is. I hope to see it implemented soon, have a nice day!
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    Implemented The /msg command in your Cage!

    Hello there, I'm Cuba, nice to meet you. In my opinion, /msg should definitely be a thing in Eggwars and Skywars. Private messaging people is a common feature that we all need, and even if apparently it gives no impact on the games, it would definitely improve the overall experience since it...
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    Java Eggwars - Voting option and private games

    Hello there, I am Cuba, nice to meet you. I've been reading your suggestion and I think that the idea of giving permission to start private eggwars games to the owners of big discord servers is great. It would bring more people to CubeCraft and for sure it would be a great chance to highlight...
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