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    add a /rejoin command for tower defense (and probably to other gamemodes too)

    i hate the fact this has been suggested god knows how many times and never became a thing
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    Implemented Opening a Cubelet and Getting Pulled Into a Game

    i dont see how anyone could disagree with this, its the most annoying thing ever! both options work for me :)
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    How long have you been playing Minecraft and how was your experience?

    i started playing end 2013, and in the first few days i instantly met some really nice people, one of them is still one of my best friends actually. minecraft used to feel way more special back in the days honestly, but im losing my love for gaming in general. either way, minecraft has always...
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    Java Tower Defense Achievement Reward Modification?

    honestly more surprised about the achievement giving 10 cubelets xD its not even that hard to finish, its just extremely time consuming
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    Java repeated banishment of rank players

    no offense, but dont you think you're being extremely naive here? money doesnt say anything about a player using cheats or not, its just supporting the server to get something in return
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    Java Totems for Eggwars, Skywars and Lucky Islands

    totems would be way too overpowered and make endless fights even worse. there's nothing keeping a player from stacking their inv full with them and when they use one, just holding another one when dying
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    have you ever felt that moment where you feel like you're in god mode in any game?

    yeah, i sometimes make one kill after the other without dying and it feels so good lol
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    just asking. How are you today?

    ehh, had better days. trying to survive on 3 hours of sleep isnt the most fun thing x3 what about you?
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    1.17 Is Here!

    i love goats, especially the screaming ones x3 cant wait for part 2 of this update!
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    Java Spawn Trapping

    how is it the game when its against the rules and unfair? you literally make people dislike the server because of it and by that kill it
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    What’s the story behind your username? 🎮

    I love undertale, and after exploring different AU (Alternative Universe), InkTale is quite an interesting AU as originally, there's only InkSans. i like to think there are timelines/universes for every single character, but in sans his position, so obviously including Asriel (my favorite...
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    Java Spawn Trapping

    its only fun for the one outside the box, people inside of it are doomed to die instantly and dont even get a fair chance to play :/
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    Java Spawn Trapping

    i think fair gameplay should always be a priority, making it so people can spawntrap to get someones egg really ruins the game, its already quite hard to defend your egg once your died and lost everything
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    Best Netflix series

    got 3 series i really like; - stranger things - santa clarita diet - bojack horseman
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    Java Spawn Trapping

    its unfair towards people, they have no chance to defend themselves or run away when you spawntrap them and by that ruin the game
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