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Oct 23, 2020


by The CubeMas Times

Hello everybody! Are you a talented writer? Or otherwise, a creative person? Then, you're lucky because... today we're announcing our CCG related Writing Competition! The competition will take place on our Discord server so you better join it quickly!

✅ General Information

Newspapers are a lot of writing and writing of course needs creativity. That is why we want to see how creative you are and decided to host a writing competition on our Discord. Every single one of you is allowed to join! You are free to write about anything fictional or non-fictional you want, as long as it's somehow CubeCraft related. We would like you to use your imagination and not to copy someone else's story, this is about how good you can write and not how good someone else can.

📅 Deadline - 21/12/2020

After the submissions have closed, we will read through all of your stories and select the best one!

📑 Requirements

  • Be a CubeCraft related story.
  • No swear-words, inappropriate language, etc.
  • Have a maximum of 1,500 words.
  • Be an original story made by yourself.
  • Be submitted in the #competition channel found on our Discord.
  • Be written in English.

🏆 Prizes

We can't offer you anything from the store, we're so sorry about that.
Though, there are some really cool things the writer of the best story gets! Continue reading...
  • Discord VIP Member role
    - Change nickname ability
    - DJ privileges
    - Access to some of our articles earlier than anyone
    - Private channel
    - And more!
  • Get their story published with credit
  • One-time promotion of a thread of their choice
  • Ability to add their own emoji to our Discord's emojis list.

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see what stories you come up with, use your imagination!
Special thanks to @Shotgun for suggesting this really fun idea!

The competition will take place on our Discord server!
Click here for the link

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