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Sep 29, 2020
the Woodland Mansion
So I want to see your strategies, and what kit you normally use in Lucky Islands.

I use the diamonds kit. 7 diamonds. In solo, I would always make a diamond axe and diamond boots, because I play Java, and boots give the same armor points as a diamond helmet. In teams, I would either do what I do in solo, or I would make a diamond axe and give my other 4 diamonds to a teammate, unless they died.

So here are my strats for some Lucky Islands maps:


The map where two islands are connected by a wooden bridge - I would break a log, craft it into planks, craft 2 of those planks into sticks, then make a diamond axe, and diamond boots if I feel like it. Axes are the best for sneak attacks. You can legit kill a full iron player with 3 axe crits, stone or above. And with no armor, a stone or above axe crit does a whooping 13.5 damage(6.75 hearts)!!! So yeah, point proven.

For other solo maps, I would just break all the lucky blocks on my island, hoping to get good enough items, and then I will go in for the kills with my trusty diamond axe.


The 2 maps with leaf bridges to other islands - I would just break the leaves. Nope, not getting rushed.

Any map with iron blocks on spawn islands - I would just make a pickaxe as fast as I can and get the iron block and turn it into 9 iron so that I can make an iron chestplate. I would still make my axe with the 4 diamonds left over.

For other team maps, I would get as much lucky blocks as I can, and if I have any gear left over, I will give it to a teammate. I would usually wait for a teammate to bridge over, hoping that they don’t fall, and would usually go with my teammate(s) so we could be as strong as possible. And I will still bring a diamond axe with me. Diamond axes are the best weapon for me.


A really OP strat here: If you have a 95% broken knockback 2 wooden sword, and there is an anvil(mostly from anvil fall lucky block) and you have a few levels of XP, make a wooden sword if you can and repair it!!! You can have a FULL DURABILITY KNOCKBACK 2 WOODEN SWORD. OP right? Similar to someone else’s strat with the broken very high efficiency golden pickaxe.

- The Axe Wielding Vindicator
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