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Jul 3, 2019
Like most people i dislike this update, there are some good things in it but the majority is bad in my opinion. I will explain what i like and dislike the best i can, if anything is unclear just say it.

What i like about the update:
- New food sources

I like it that we have new food sources, it gives you more of a varity to choose from.
- More detailed information when the game ends/when you are eleminated
It now shows how many kills and deaths you got and your kill/death ratio.
- Steak price redection in normal items
Steak was too expensive in normal items, its great that it is cheaper.
- More information in the shop
Now when you hoover over a item in the shop you can see how many resources you have of each, i love this.
- Emerald generators on every map
I think that it is great that there are Emerald generators on every map and that you can buy the same items with it like every other token, Diamond, Gold and Iron.
- It shows to what level a generator is upgraded to
When a teammate or you updates a generator it says to what level they upgraded it to. This is very helpfull to see how many resources you need.

What i dislike about the

Main reason:
In general i feel like that Eggwars has become like Bedwars with fancy stuff like wood, automated bridges, fireballs, potions and the endermite egg thing. I will now talk a bit more in detail
- Bridge buidlers
I hate them. I hate them because they take the simpicity of eggwars away. I would rather see them go, but if they have to say. Nerf them. They should be a expencive late game feature, a Emerald generator fearture.
- Fireballs
I hate these too, i see no fit for fireballs in eggwars. The same reason as the automated bridge builders Please remove these.
- Potions
They would make someone who gets the most Emeralds the fasted super op, it would be very hard to kill them. Also the main reason.
- Wood
Just like before the main reason. But they aren't too bad.
- Ladders
I think that ladders only will encourage camping, you now can go up in a 1 by 2 area. It would be better if they got removed.
- Leap feather (added later)
I think that a tool like this doesn't belong in eggwars, it is very overpowerd and not expected. It also costs only 2 emeralds, this is too cheap. It would be a great gadget for Lucky Blocks tho, kn my opinion.

That was about it. Comment if you agree with me or not. And i hope that the admins can have some use of my opinion. Have a nice day.
Also please don't hate on the staff team, they are amazing people and make CubeCraft running 24/7/365.
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Nov 21, 2015
- Leap feather (added later)
I think that a tool like this doesn't belong in eggwars, it is very overpowerd and not expected. It also costs only 2 emeralds, this is too cheap. It would be a great gadget for Lucky Blocks tho, kn my opinion.

Absolutely agree. This item and the general concept of bringing bedwars into eggwars when the community wasn't already enthused are the biggest issues I have with this update. But man, this would be an awesome addition to Lucky Isl.


Sep 23, 2017
The Netherlands
im not much of an eggwars player myself, but i feel like this is kinda coppied from hypixel to be honest. fireballs? auto bridges? endermites, which are basically the same as silverfishes? these were in hypixel for years.
when it comes to defending, i already felt like you are basically lost when you die and lose all your stuff, while the enemy can build themself in, or just fight you without you being able to fight back and defend. cubecraft should maybe focus more on the balance, and less on adding more and more stuff
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Nov 21, 2016
I don't agree with you on the points of wood and ladders. You state you don't want wood cause it's in bedwars, wood is very nice cause now you just bring a pickaxe and you got it this will make more fun to defend egg and to attack as you will need to bring more tools. On ladders I think that's a stupid point, camping is bannable removing an item cause rule breakers can use this is just stupid. Its like I would say remove water in skywars cause campers use it to go really low and camp.
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