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Oct 26, 2013
New Zeland
Love it it is absolutely amazing, I especially love the back ground it looks fantasic :D

Amazing... WOW I really love it great work AirArt:cool:
Oct 20, 2013
The only thing is, in the new donation website, you can only donate to one of the servers, so it is unfair to newer donators (ex. GenixSpark30) who will have to donate 10 times as much than the older donators like me who only had to donate once.
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Nov 11, 2013
Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce a new website look/set up! Feel free to report any bugs or ask any questions here!
i got kicked and i didnt do anything wrong all i did was ask if they would to stop teleporting me to random areas so they kicked me and i joined again and again that i lost it and was saying bad words but i am sorry so can u un ban me please

my name is Trubador
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Look there are people who think that all messages are for them while it is just for people who are in a party. But then again I can't help myself on behalf of ridicule. Because I mean, without going into further investigation, they immediately go mute. I think it's very bad about cubecraft games that this is happening. I will certainly work on this. cubecraft take a closer look at your helpers.


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