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Jul 1, 2020
Hello CubeCrafters!

I was opening my site on my phone and all of a sudden, it looks very weird? It’s like the outline of the site. Here is what I mean.

So what is this?
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JvwerMcGames wrote on Headqche's profile.
Taïs... Wat doet het pijn om je weg te zien gaan...
Ontzettend bedankt voor je immens grote inzet in het team.
Misschien zie ik je nog voor een pottie valorant ofzo.
Never stop being you :heart:
ForGiveQueen_ wrote on Finixly's profile.
noooo :(
Gregeyy wrote on Finixly's profile.
Nooooooo Finixlyyyyy :(
Thanks for everything! <3 will miss ya
iTBD wrote on Finixly's profile.
This can't be happening, can it? One of the best mods resigned :( it's so sad to see you go :((( thank you for everything!
Gregeyy wrote on Headqche's profile.
Nooo :(
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