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Builds Valentines Day! :DDD

Do you have a Valentine this year? Or maybe a crush? c: (Gimme da dirty deets)

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Nov 10, 2013
United Kingdom
Hey..Hay you, guess wut day it is?!?! Hump day? No, wtf? It's Valentines Day!! :DDD Today is when you REALLY EXTREMELY express the feelings you have for your lover, but if you're like me and SINGLE :D Well then...the love for your food xD Jk! I love you all and I love CCG<3 It''s always been like my second life. I wuv all mah fwends and all mah besties ^-^ If I wuv yoo, you should receive a Skype message saying that and stuff today.
If you're single today and you need a Valentine, well you ALL are mine<3 (; It's too bad i can't do this personally, but here is a virtual hug and smooch ;) *hugs* HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CUBECRAFTGAMES!!!! Feel free to share your Valentines Day details below ^_^
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