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Using Premium Colors

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Oct 21, 2013
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This is a Text based Tutorial on how to use colored text on CCG (CubeCraftGames) server.
First of all Premiums can change their name to any color (excluding prefix) by doing (read below for more info) "/colour x" in chat
by changing x to any of these characters you can change your name color. These include:
  • a = Light green
  • b = Light blue
  • c = Light red
  • d = Pink (FTW)
  • e = Yellow
  • f = White
  • 1 = Dark blue
  • 2 = Green
  • 3 = Blue
  • 4 = Red
  • 5 = Purple
  • 6 = Gold
  • 7 = Darker White (Standard Text Colour)
  • 8 = Grey
  • 9 = Light purple
  • 0 = Black

This next part will be about using Colors or Functions in the Chat Text.
  • &L = Makes the text Bold for example &LTest would show test in the chat.
  • &o = Makes the text Italic for example &oTest would show Test in the chat.
  • &n = Makes the text Underlined for example &nTest would show Test in the chat.
  • &m = Makes the text have a line running through for example &mTest would show Test in the chat.
  • &k = Makes the text jumbled up and would be done as &kTest and would be shown by changing charects (to stop this look below)

The use of changing colors resets the function so always put the function after the &x for example if i wanted it underlined and in the colour red it would be &4&nTest and it would show up as Test
When you want to add colors you just have to do &x (x being represented as the colors above) then the message e.g. &xTest would would show Test in another color.

I hope this has helped :) Please don't abuse Premium Functions+Colors by spamming :)
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