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Jul 23, 2020
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Hey all - I usually don’t post new videos on the forums these days, but I’ve always had people asking how to get XP, what options are there and how they should go about doing it on Skyblock so I put together a breakdown of how to maximize your XP gains.

There are two primary concepts - Generators and Spawners. With spawners, I focused on Zombie vs. Pigmen vs. Wither Skeleton as they seemed to have the best spread of price -> XP value as players progress through the early, mid & late game stages of their islands.

I also put together a spreadsheet that details out what it takes for each of the three spawners to get from lvl 1-60 in terms of:
  • Coins
  • Upgrade Materials
  • XP Boosts/level

I figured out the formula for coins and upgrade materials, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint the math behind the XP boosts, likely due to some rounding done by the devs.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the spreadsheet: Link

I’d love to get your feedback/thoughts and am also curious if those of you on Java are working with the same numbers as us on Bedrock!

P.S. I have no idea why, but I had 40k in my head as the cost for zombie spawners (long work week I guess? 🤷‍♂️). This is incorrect as they cost 500k coins each. The spreadsheet should reflect the accurate numbers.
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May 14, 2019
As @maflenoo said earlier, great thread! This will help out a lot of players and save me a lot of explaining time!


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Dec 31, 2017
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This is going to be so helpful, especially since I've recently started playing again. I will definitely be using this, thank you!
Dec 12, 2020
Once again Fractal does an amazing job of doing his homework, breaking down the numbers, and presenting accurate and factual recipes for success in the game. I haven't found anyone else who is as knowledgeable about this game as he is.

Well done Fractal!
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