Tower Defence Tips - Sorcerer Tower - Map: High Hills

Discussion in 'Tower Defence' started by TheJeroen, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Alright, sow most of the people reading this like Tower Defence right? Sow I just played a game of Tower Defence and started placing those towers you can buy like the Necromancer, Zeus, Sorcerer and Turret Tower. I really like them sow far and think it's worth my points. Back to the important things, I started placing 2 sorcerer towers. If you want to know, they cost 800 coins each. Sow I started placing them. I made a pattern of Zeus - Sorcerer - Zeus (3 Towers) on 2 sides. And behind these towers I placed 3 Archer Towers. Sow suddenly the enemy team started sending a small wave of creepers, and when they reached to the middle of the bridge, the Sorcerer Towers spawned animals on the bridge! This means the Sorcerer Tower can reach mobs on the bridge. Maybe this can be very usefull because, 1. Then the Sorcerer Tower can defend multiple paths, and 2. You can't build any towers next to the bridge. Sow I hope you guys will use this. :) I also marked on what spots the Sorcerer Tower could reach the bridge on the first picture. And another tip is building 4 archer towers on the big squares RIGHT at the beginning because, there are only 4 squares for Turret and Necromancer Towers on the map and if your team placed a tower there you can't place it anymore. And yes, you can ask them to remove it sow you can build a better and powerfull tower instead. But sometimes they just don't want to do it. Sow at the begin, build the towers and when you have enough money for a 5x5 tower, you just sell a tower and place a new one instead. :D [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ice and Mage and Artillery all do the same thing. Not sure about the rest, though.