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Feb 1, 2021
(Please don't take this too seriously, some of this is over-exaggeration and purely what I jokingly think.)

For the past few months, it's felt like I've been getting assaulted by players in all proceeding game modes, Eggwars, Duels (2v2s), FFA, Skywars (Solos), and Bridges.
Every player, every lobby that I join, some people are there just to simply target me or ruin my game.

In egg wars, my team is being targeted constantly, I've even tried using an alt account yet I still get my teamed targeted.

In duels, specifically 2v2s, I'm the one getting 2v1ed and my teammate isn't usually doing anything, meaning they just sit there thinking I'd win that 2v1.

In FFA, I've been getting targeted by the best and the worst players, someone as new as 50v50s release, or someone as old as 60. This has happened to me the most in FFA (my old main game mode). I try to have fun with friends, but a random player or someone who's known will appear from thin air, and then proceed to target me until I leave or they leave/they're tired (which they never are).

In Skywars (preferably solos), I'll join to grind or warm up/get better (game sense and PVP-wise) then proceed to get jumped by the 15 other players whilst I'm trying to loot my first 5 chests of the game. And the bias that I feel in Skywars is weird, I'm constantly getting the trash loot not even depending on how many chests I loot. Some players will appear with a diamond chest plate and iron on the rest of their body, and I'd be stuck with chainmail armor with a stone sword and no enchants.

Bridges is the most likely this will happen to me, but when it does I'm genuinely annoyed especially when I'm trying to grind. What happens is that I get pure clueless or bots for teammates that leave after 3 seconds or someone scores a single pit on us.

The last thing that I have to say is that I'm of darker skin color, and tons of players know this, so this feels like I could be getting racially attacked in a game of Minecraft. A ton of the community is also calling me out for cheating/hacking, which I don't and I've proven it. And I've learned my lesson from cheating previous times that I did and I'm sorry for it.

(Please don't take this too seriously, some of this is over-exaggeration and purely what I jokingly think.)

Sincerely - MLGPurpleMia (Gentics)
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