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Sep 29, 2020
the Woodland Mansion
What was thought of when this map was made? So far I’ve had horrible experiences with this map. The spawn islands have enough lucky blocks to suit one or two players, and this map is literally just whoever has the most ranked players wins. Whenever I would try to get the lucky blocks that are in the spawn island, I would just get rushed by some sweaty try-hard obsidian ranker that puts an automatic fancy text after they win, and not even get a chance to open any lucky blocks.

My suggestion for this map would be instead of a 2 teams of 6, it should be 6 teams of 2, and it would make sense because this map is a table with 6 chairs. And I know this is a temporary map, so maybe if this map is brought back next year, it should be 6 teams of 2.

- The Axe Wielding Vindicator
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