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Summer is here! - Summer Cubelets, Maps, Beachball Hunt + More!


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Jul 23, 2015
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20-07-2018 - Summer Release and 1.13.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters!

It's that hot and sunny time of year again, summer. Here at CubeCraft we celebrate summer on a huge scale, offering so much new content for you to obtain and try out. This update brings new maps, new Cubelets and loot and even an awesome sale!

Summer Sale
What would summer be without a sale? Boring I guess... but not here! Available on our Store now, there's 50% OFF EVERYTHING. From Lifetime Ranks and Regular Cubelets to Multipliers and Merch, all prices have been halved. So if you want a hot new rank or some super Cubelets, head over to our Store now! Click HERE to visit our Store.

Summer Cubelets + Loot
If you thought this update couldn't get any better, let me tell you about our NEW and EXCLUSIVE Summer Cubelets and Loot! There's over 61 Summer items contained inside Summer Cubelets for you to unlock and obtain. You can purchase Summer Cubelets HERE or find them ingame, there's a 45% chance for you to win a Summer Cubelet in our games. They are only obtainable during the summer period, and they cannot contain duplicate items. If you join our server today, you'll get a FREE Summer Cubelet!

Here's what the Summer Cubelets offer:
Gadgets: 4
Shields: 4
Trails: 7
Cages: 7
Wardrobe: 12 (3 full wardrobe sets - All animated)
Miniatures: 3
Win effects: 5
Arrow trails: 4
Standard hats: 10
Animated hats: 5

There's a chance for you to unlock a throwable and kickable Football gadget, Octopus wardrobe set, Surfboard trail, Wave cage, spinning fish win effect and much more! Also, today if you purchase 3, 5 or 10 Summer Cubelets, you'll unlock 1-3 of the EXCLUSIVE summer miniatures, including a Hula dancing miniature with your head on it! Get your Summer Cubelets HERE.

Summer Cubelet opening effect.

Sandcastle gadget.

Blue Surfboard trail.

Cactus Creep win effect.

Exclusive miniatures which can only be obtained on the store with Summer Cubelet packages.

Summer Maps
As Summer is here, it's time to bring out the hot summer maps. We've added 5 new maps to shine up your gameplay. These maps are for SkyWars, Lucky Islands and of course... EggWars!

Vacation - Normal Team EggWars (Team of 4)

Time to chill in the sun... and kill your enemies!

Whale - Normal Team EggWars (Team of 4)

Meanwhale... in EggWars.

Sandbox - Team SkyWars (Team of 3)

Hey look! Sand in a box.

Sandcastle - Solo SkyWars

This map sands shivers down my spine!

Bucket - Team Lucky Islands (Team of 2)

Playing this map is on my bucket list.

Summer Hub and Beachball Hunt
Now when you join our server, you'll be greeted with the a sunny and hot new hub! Decorated with ice cream, sand, more ice cream and even more sand. This lobby has sand everywhere basically... so try and not get sand in your shoes. Take a trip to the beach and go fishing, or swim in the pools and ocean with our new 1.13 support.

You didn't think we just updated the hub did you? Of course not. We've added once again a head hunt! This year your challenge is collect 25 beachballs, you'll need to search far and wide to discover them all. Once you've collected them all, you'll be rewarded with 1 Summer Cubelet and an amazing bouncy Beachball gadget.


2018 Summer Hub.

Beachball gadget reward from the Beachball Hunt.

Lobby Games
As usual Relic Hunting and Lobby Fishing have been given 9 summer items each for you to hunt down and fish. Simply go up to one of the Lobby game armour stands and locate the Holidays page to see all of the summer items you're able to unlock and collect. These items are only available during summer, so collect them fast!

Summer lobby games items.PNG

Summer Lobby Games Items.
General Network Improvements and Fixes
Along with this sweet Summer update, we've also been updating other parts of our network!

- Added server support for 1.13*
- Removed bold usernames for Plus users and added emotes to tab.

Lucky Islands:
- Updated the resource pack to support both 1.9 and 1.13.
- Fixed an issue causing the game to lag and timeout*
- Fixed an issue with killing a player with the frozen bow keeps the barrier blocks behind.
- Fixed an issue with the particles generated from opening an automatic bow lucky block.
- Fixed an issue with particles generated from lucky blocks not facing the player.

- Fixed an issue with the second egg on Fairground being in an awkward location.

- Fixed an issue with the Tropical map allowing players to get inside a blocked out house.
- Removed a random grass block from the Flatlands map.
- Fixed some issues with kill achievements

- Removed some flatlands from the lobby.
- Fixed an issue with the stat boards not showing competitive wins correctly.

Slime Survival:
- Blocked a camping spot on the Forest map (Thanks to @Dylaila and @Daveyyy for reporting).
- Fixed an issue with the particles at the start of the game pointing up.

- Fixed an issue with double death statistics.

Archer Assault:
- Fixed "Arrows hit" statistic.

Battle Zone:
- Optimised chunk loading more.

* - Major improvements/fixes/implementations

We hope you guys enjoy our Summer update, remember that we love your feedback. Check out the Summer Cubelets and Store HERE!


Apr 22, 2017
We want the server to update to 1.13, not just support it.
Segregate 1.13 players from the rest so we can actually play with hunger,armour changes and new features.
No, just update the 1.9 network. That way we'll get to use the new features w/out creating another divide in the community.
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