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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hakinator7, Aug 7, 2016.


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    Recently a lot of people are complaining about teaming in free-for all. So this is a new game-mode which would possibly reduce the amount of teaming on FFA and be a really fun game.


    A high intensity game, Large map, Lots of places to hide, Traps, Large structures.

    You have kits.

    Tank - Full iron, stone sword, slowness 2.
    Rusher - Leather chestplate, stone axe, speed 2.
    Sniper - Full chainmail ( with projection 1 ), power 1 bow, wooden sword.
    Monk - Full gold, wooden axe, instant health pots.
    Knight - Full leather, iron sword, 2 gapples.
    Pyromaniac - Full chainmail, fire aspect shovel, flint and steel ( 5 uses )
    Rabbit - Full white leather armour, stone sword, jump boost.
    Frosty - Full iron, full inventory of snowballs.
    Viking - Diamond helmet, rest leather, stone axe ( sharpness 2 )
    Toxic - Full green leather armour, wooden axe, 5 pots of poison 2.
    Fisherman - Fishing-rod, sharpness 5 knockback 2 fish. Full blue leather armour.

    It is a 30 minute game as you stated but to regenerate health there are supply drops which teams have to go to which has food to regen.

    You have 3 lives each and 4 on each team.

    Once you are eliminated you can either leave or spectate.

    You can change kits after you die.

    Each team has their own plot of land with traps and hiding places.

    Aim is to be the last team standing.

    After 25 mins nametags are enlarged ( even when crouched ) and it is a fight to the death.

    Traps are built in around the map, such as lava pits, falling sand, arrow dispensers or tnt traps.

    Each team has a spawn zone where they spawn if they die, But opposing teams cannot come in the nearest 30 blocks of this zone. To stop camping once you spawn in either at the start of the game or after dying you have 20 seconds to choose a kit before being teleported out of your zone.

    Please post any suggestions below.
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    Same answer as on HackersDontWin post :p +1
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