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Spring Selfie Competition

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May 13, 2014
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Hi, thanks for all of the submissions everyone! It was a really difficult decision to try and come up with a top three, but a decision has been made... The winners are:

~~ 1st ~~
@DrasterBlue and his selfie(s) with an important message!

~~ 2nd ~~
@Daveyyy 's buddy exploring our awesome spring lobby!

~~ 3rd ~~
Capturing the sun perfectly through the ferris wheel, @cemre2002 !

~~ Honourable Mentions ~~
A great group selfie with matching skins, @Sweetenerera ! :D
View attachment 161805

View attachment 161804

Big, big BIG thanks to @Riley for making the skins.
@Keanu @Kozimobo @Eli @BringMeTheHorizon ♠ @EasterFin @SanCookie @Ducky @EliSucks @Fisktratt for the help with the screenshot! It was a lot of fun. Before and after included!

Another great group selfie, also with matching skins, but it's also very very cursed... @Shamel !

Thank you everyone for participating - keep an eye out on this subforum for any future competitions, and hope you had a great Spring time! <3
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