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Feb 23, 2020
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Hello everyone, I hope you all have enjoyed all the fun that spring had to deliver, I truly have. 👀 First of all, thanks to all the participants, it has truly been an amazing experience to see all your spectacular selfies.
It has been very difficult to choose the winners, but after much deliberation the winners are... 🌷

1st Place:
@Hoshi made us and all the bunnies fall in love with their selfie! 🐇


2nd Place:
@exacts' selfie made all the flowers bloom! 💐

3rd Place:
@ryooXD's selfie showed us the true colours of spring! 🐣

Honorable Mentions:
@Buckyy with their gorgeous selfie! 🌸

@Frambooz with their unique and cute design! 🌼

Once again, thanks to all the participants and thank you all for remaining patient while waiting for the results! I will start a conversation with the winners soon. You all have done a great job and you have truly let your creative sides shine! 🌟 Make sure to check out this subforum for more competitions and events in the future!
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