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Spring is here! - Lobby, Egg Hunt, Maps, Bundles, Cubelets + More!


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Nov 15, 2019
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Hey fellow CubeCrafters!

Happy Spring everyone, and no, this is not an April Fools prank release... :D Spring has arrived to CubeCraft and it's brought along a lot of content for both our Java & Bedrock network. If you join our Java network during our Spring event, you'll obtain an FREE Spring Cubelet! If you're excited for Spring and want to learn more about what's in this epic update, read below!

Spring Lobby & Egg hunt

What is a seasonal update without a seasonal lobby! Our Spring lobby is back, and more colourful than ever! Explorer the fields of eggs and flowers and maybe play hide & seek! But what is a Spring lobby without an awesome Egg Hunt? For Spring 2020, we've added back our well known Egg Hunt. For our Java network, there are 25 precious eggs scattered around our Spring lobby, if you find them all, you'll win some points, experience, 2 Spring Cubelets and a Pink Rabbit Banner to wear on your head!

For our Bedrock network, we've hidden 15 beautiful eggs around our lobby, and if you find them all, you'll win an epic Chocolate Bunny Win Effect and an "Egg Hunt 2020" username prefix!

Java lobby.jpg

Java & Bedrock Spring Lobby 2020

Collecting an Egg from the Egg Hunt - Java & Bedrock

Chocolate Bunny Win Effect reward from our Bedrock Egg Hunt!

Spring maps - New maps for 2020!

One of the biggest pieces of content we release during seasonal events are maps, and wow... we all love some maps don't we? This year, for both our Java & Bedrock network, all of the 2019 maps are returning! But... we've added 2 BRAND NEW 2020 maps for both of our networks. Introducing Springtime and Garden, for Team SkyWars! Enjoy :p

NEW - Springtime - Team SkyWars
Springtime - Team SkyWars.png

NEW - Garden - Team SkyWars
Garden - Team SkyWars.png

Hunt - Team SkyWars
Hunt - Team SkyWars.png

Spring - Team SkyWars
Spring - Team SkyWars.png

Rabbit - Solo SkyWars
Rabbit - Team SkyWars.png

Bunny - Solo SkyWars
Bunny - Solo SkyWars.png

Chocolate - Team EggWars
Chocolate - Team EggWars.png

Eggs - Team EggWars
Eggs - Team EggWars.png

Hatch - Solo EggWars
Hatch - Solo EggWars.png

Easter - Team Lucky Islands
Easter - Team Lucky Islands.png

Carrots - Solo Lucky Islands
Carrots - Solo Lucky Islands.png

Spring - PvP Duels
Spring - PvP Duels.png

NEW - Springtime - SkyWars Teams of 4
Springtime - SkyWars Teams of 4.png

NEW - Garden - SkyWars Teams of 2
Garden - SkyWars Teams of 2.png

Rabbit - SkyWars Solo
Rabbit - Solo SkyWars.png

Bunny - SkyWars Solo
Bunny - Solo SkyWars.png

Basket - EggWars Teams of 4
Basket - EggWars Teams of 4.png

Decoration - EggWars Teams of 2
Decoration - EggWars Teams of 2.png

Hatch - EggWars Solo
Hatch - Solo EggWars.png

Spring map challenges

Along with the Spring maps, we've added Map Challenges. These challenges are split up into 2 sections, the Explorer challenge, where you need to play all of the Spring maps. And then there's the Winner challenge, where you need to win on all of the Spring maps. If you complete them, then you're a Spring pro, and you'll also get some Spring Cubelets!

Simple access the Spring map challenges via the Challenges menu. The profile/player head on your hotbar, then the diamond in the middle of the menu! Happy challenging!


Spring map challenges.

Spring Cubelets & Loot

Now it's time for some Spring Cubelets and loot to shine! Same as last year, we've renamed Easter Cubelets to Spring Cubelets, and they contain the same loot. You can obtain Spring Cubelets from our store and you can obtain them by winning them ingame! You can't get duplicates in Spring Cubelets!

The Spring Cubelets offer the chances to obtain one of the following:
- 12 Hats
- 8 Shields
- 3 Arrow Trails
- 6 Cages (Some including animations and particles)
- 3 Gadgets
- 3 Trails
- 4 Animated Wardrobe pieces (Form the Carrot set)
- 4 Effect Wardrobe pieces (Form the Bunny set)
- 3 Win Effects
- 3 Animated Hats

If you want to buy some Spring Cubelets, you can visit our store here: store.cubecraft.net

Spring Cubelets.jpg

3, 5 and 10 Spring Cubelet packages - Available here.

Rabbit Wardrobe set.

Rabbit Train Win Effect.

But also what is amazing about Spring Cubelets, is that if you purchase one of the Spring Cubelet packages from our store you'll unlock one or more of our exclusive Spring miniatures. Purchasing 3 Spring Cubelets will give you the Egg miniature, 5 will give you the Basket miniature and 10 will give you the amazing animated Rabbit miniature.

Exclusive miniatures which can only be obtained on the store with Spring Cubelet packages.

Spring Bundles, Egg Skins & Deals

Along with our free content, we have some exclusive content to share with you guys too! We've added a loot Bundle for both our networks, added some Bedrock Egg Skins and we're offering some crazy Java store deals!

Let's start off by showing off some of our crazy Spring deals! We've added a Mini Spring Deal & a Mega Spring deal! Packed with multipliers and Spring Cubelets & more for a low price!
Want to check them out? Click HERE!

For our Java network, we've added a packed bundle, filled with Cages, Banners, Hats, Shields and Balloons! For only £5.99, you'll get all of the content shown below, forever! If you have CubeCraft Plus you'll automatically unlock the bundle for free!

If you want to buy the Java Spring Bundle, you can visit our store here: store.cubecraft.net

Spring Bundle Main.png

Java Spring Bundle.

For our Bedrock network, we've made an awesome Spring Bundle! Packed with Buddies, Cages, Egg Skins, Prefixes & a Win Effect! But hurry, this bundle is for limited time only, and will be removed after our Spring event! You can buy this on our Bedrock server store or CLICK HERE!

Also for our Bedrock network, we've added some Spring Egg Skins for you to show off. Packed with 5 pretty patterned Egg skins, you'll be the "wooooow" of the game :p You can buy this on our Bedrock server store or CLICK HERE!

Competition time!

Woooo! We all love a competition! This year we're bringing you two competitions. As usual, a selfie competition, and for the first time ever, a content competition. If you want the chance to win some epic prizes and you're awesome at making Spring related content or selfies, enter below!

Spring Selfie competition > cbecrft.net/SpringSelfie
Spring Content competiton > cbecrft.net/SpringContent

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy this seasonal update and have an awesome time during Spring, have fun and stay safe!


Oct 15, 2017
Not gonna lie, the carrots from lucky islands are strangely similar to spongebob's house.
Jan 4, 2019
That’s an amazing update! I like that everything is released at the same time rather than in 2 parts unlike the past 3 events. The Easter bundle and the Easter Egg skin pack is not in the CubeCraft Bedrock Store when I’m posting this though
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