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Splash Potions for Hide and Seek

Jan 13, 2014
Breakfast for Dinner Club HQ
Hey, Tacosbefriends here. I've been playing hide and seek all day because I have no life and I've found that a LOT of people abuse the glitch where you become unkillable. I played with Jinjo the other day and he used a bow to kill glitchers, which was awesome. People that abuse the glitch annoy me to no end because they ruin the game for everyone else. My suggestion is to give the seeker a couple of instant damage I splash potions (maybe 3 or so) to kill glitchers. It'd put an end to the constant abuse of the glitch, and having 3 splash potions of damage doesn't really overpower the seeker very much. The only way I can see it being abused is by lobbing it into a suspicious room to see if anyone gets hit, but that can easily be accomplished by spamming your sword.

tl;dr version: Seekers should get splash potions to kill people who abuse glitches.
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