Special Rule [Idea Thread]

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BalthierTSK_daForumSeeker, Jun 24, 2016.

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    :v Ok, so, this is only an idea, just want to know what you guys think, and at best, maybe it will get accepted :v
    But mostly just want to know what do you guys think if such a system is implented

    The idea is Special Rule
    Special Rule are, Special Rules (Duh).
    They modify the game, But not game modes (Hardcore, Normal, Op, < Gamemodes, Special Rules is NOT THEM)

    So, lets take it like this
    Blockwars :
    Special rule > LUCKY BLOCK
    Every time you break a block, chances for a random thing to appear!

    Eggwars :
    Special Rule > Regen Fiesta
    Every time you eat a food, you will get Regen I for 4 seconds.

    Skywars :
    Special Rule > TNT Rain
    Randomly, TNT Will rain and hit random person.

    :v Just like those, a GAME MODIFIER.

    Now how would this be implanted? (Just don't read it, it is filled with confusing Words that will make you want to eat as much pepperoni as you can; TLDR- Random Chances of happening, No need to vote, But when some one do vote, it only increase the chance of that game to become modified, but at the end, just an idea)
    My idea :
    When you enter a game, the game COULD Be modified! No one needs to "Vote", it happens, randomly!

    Well, Perhaps, Maybe Ranked people COULD Choose a modifier that they want, BUT It does NOT Mean that modified game mode will be choosen, it just increase the chances

    Lets say Normal (non modified game) occur 95%
    Modified game occur 5%
    When a ranker person vote for modified game, the chances changes (80/20) and when multiple ranked people choose to play modified game, it changed up to (0/100)

    Or, Server can just do what ever they want '--'

    Why Should this be added? (Still, Just an idea)
    > It is fun... I suppose :v
    I mean, srsly, We play Egg wars, and then a random Modifier appear :0 Everyone got Jump Boost II :v
    Not game breaking, but it sure does make things happen
    I mean :v Aren't you guys bored playing the same game, same rule, same all?
    With the difference are Op modes, and Health Multiplier.
    k, that is all
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    Wow what a good idea!
    I think certain game modifiers could be available with certain ranks, for instance survival games.

    This is just an example.

    Lapiz: No GP
    Gold: Hostile Mob Spawns
    Diamond: Permanent Strength 1
    Emerald: Permanent Speed 1
    Obsidian: 1. Permanent Regen 1
    2. Thunderstorms
    3. Wither
    (Because Obsidian Needs More Perks)
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