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    We have so many maps for both SkyWars and Team SkyWars. I want to know what your favourite and least favourites maps are.

    You can pick as many maps as you want. Please use this format

    This is an example

    Rainbow (Solo)
    - Islands are close together so fun PvP
    Bones (Solo) - The layout is sick

    Least favourite:
    Pokemon (Solo) -
    I hate the spacing between the islands, and the middle is boring.
    Tetris (Team) - The spacing is horrible
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    Rainbow (Solo) Its a Classic :}
    Pokémon (Solo) My childhood game in 1 map....
    Least Favourites:
    Music (Team): The music map in team is just horrible I love the Solo one but Team has difficult places to find a chest and The Spacing is just to big....
    Magic(Solo): Magic is just Magic.... Everywhere....
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    - Bones (Solo) On some islands you don't need to build to the next islands. Great to rush.
    - Trees (Solo) This map is, I think, one of the oldest maps of CubeCraft and it need to stay that. :)
    - Trees (Team) It is great to play with your a lot of friends and is one of the coolest maps to play on OP mode.

    - Galaxy (Solo) You need to parkour to your second planet and sometimes you can fall off in some gaps. That's not how I see an island. :p
    - Desert (Solo) There is on chest on the Surface and if you choose a kit without a weapon and you didn't get a weapon in that one chest, you need to dig that logs away and that can take a while when you haven't got an axe.
    - Western (Team) These islands are just way too far from mid. You need atleast 1 stacks building blocks to get there. And if someone chose basic, well you can't get easly at mid.
  4. Diogo

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    Sr. Mod
    Favourite on solo: Trees: Islands are close and thats better for pvp.
    Least favourite on solo: Biomes: Is a big map and islands are to far from each other.

    Favourite on team: Trees: Amazing map! It is a good map for pvp and is really funny to play.
    Least favourite on team: Diet: It is just horrible, there is a lot of campers and islands are to small.
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    Castle/Temple/Paris: I play these maps if I want to make a Trapped Chest with TNT. Great map to hide it :p (Overall great look).
    Candy: Not too much detail and neither a lack of it. Just a great map.
    Desert: Same with Candy, simple but great.
    Savannah and Nether and the same as with Candy and Desert.
    Snakes: The Map looks great but the middle is just weird. And I don't like the islands that much.
    Stars: I think the map looks great but I don't know what is it, for some reason I dislike the map.
    Galaxy: THERE IS TOO MUCH GOING ON. It looks amazing but most of the time you get killed because your neighbour can jump to your island.
    Freakin Magic... I dare all of you to play this map and look how many times people start CAMPING. If it's the top of the middle or if it is just on their own island. PEOPLE CAMP WAY TOO MUCH ON THIS MAP PLEASE REMOVE ALL DETAILS ABOVE THE ISLANDS
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    Rainbow (Solo)
    - Basic maps are my favourite :)
    Birdhouse (Solo) - I like the middle and the amounts of chests.
    Trees: (Solo) - Basic maps are my favourite :)
    Glass (Solo) - You never run out of food and there's enough space to pvp.
    Gravity & Castle (Solo) - Islands have a good distance and there are a lot of possibilities to make traps. (Like remove the leaves, or remove the ladder, redstone etc.)
    Stars (Solo) - Islands have a lot of space to pvp and i like the middle.

    Least favourites:
    Paris (Solo) -
    Islands are too far from eachother (my opinion).
    Galaxy (Solo) - Too much detalils and thingys.
    Tetris (Team) - I always get a sort of depressive feeling from that map, and the islands are too far from eachother

    (i almost never play team skywars)
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    Forgot the Team SkyWars Maps:
    Candy: The map has more detail then the Solo Map but I like it.
    Mario: I like the island and they are not too far away.
    Mushroom: When I get bored I pick the Swordsman Kit and I just parkour to the other island and slay them with no armour.
    Elements: Too big, with teams of 10. Most of the times all chests are empty due to my team and they share nothing.
    Savannah: I like the theme but kinda the same as with Elements.
    Pacman: Same as with Elemts
    (I don't really like maps with big teams).
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    Another one of these threads, woo! :rolleyes:

    - Trees/desert. - The classic maps. They might not meet the current builder standards, but they're great to play on. The islands are close to each other which makes it more of a challenge to win.
    - Rainbow. - Another classic good map, great gameplay, less details.
    - Bones - This is a perfect map. It doesn't only look good, but is also great to play on.
    - Nether/Castles/Candy/Music - All great maps.

    Least favourite
    - Galaxy - Looks amazing, but is a horrible map to play on.

    Don't focus on the building, but on the gameplay. Simple maps with great gameplay are more appreciated than really detailed maps.
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    Favorites: Music (Solo) - The islands are pretty cool and good for PvP
    Trees (Solo) - Just because it's one of the oldest maps on Skywars. Cool basic islands and not far away from each other
    Mushroom (Solo) - Islands aren't far away from each other and you can easily gather blocks by breaking down the top layer ;)

    Music (Team) - The islands are pretty good for PvP and not for away from each other
    Trees (Team) - Awesome map with big islands. The distance to other islands is great and the islands are good for PvP
    Candy (Team) - Islands are awesome even as the chests and trees for blocks

    Least favorite:
    Swords (Solo)
    - Islands are not great for PvP
    Bones (Solo) - You can easily go from island to island what could give a disadvantage when you are in the first ring from mid. Maybe removing first and second ring and make it something like rainbow :) (But it's not a bad map, pretty cool made)

    That's all for now :p
  10. Sophie

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    Pokemon (Solo) - The pixelart is amazing, there's a Diglett pixelart and a pokemon stadium in middle, the island shapes are unique and there's little place to hide

    Rainbow (Solo) - The game never seems to last more than a few minutes. It's a perfect example of a fast-paced minigame, and seemingly any strategy is a viable one, except camping

    Taiga (Solo) - I've always had an unusual fondness for this map. It's simplistic, and the middle provides a high-ground to snipe, a low-ground to hide, and the islands are a reasonable distance apart.

    Music (Solo) - Gorgeous map

    Western (Team) - It's pretty much the only team map I've played more than once. Why would I play any of the other maps when this map exists? The islands are large enough that you aren't going to fall or be shot off, the middle is a good distance away, there are lots of secret chests, and I've had great memories of it.

    Birdhouse (Solo) - So random, but in a good way :p

    Savanna (Solo) - Sweet and simple, and not too confusing or over-detailed

    Trees (Solo) - Sweet and simple, and not too confusing or over-detailed

    Least favourites:

    Bones (Solo) -
    The islands are messy and the theme seems a little uhh.. random :x

    Tron (Solo) - Probably an unpopular opinion, but it's such a campy map. Players will sit on their islands and just snipe anybody and everybody that attempts to make any move at all towards either the middle, or to another island.

    Tetris (Team) - NO! >.< Map is messy and difficult to navigate, and little combat seems to take place

    Nether (Solo) - Something about this map really just rubs me the wrong way. The islands seem unorganised and messy, the lava does little more than gets in the way since you cannot find buckets in chests, and it's difficult to fight players on such a rocky environment

    Desert (Solo) - Similar to Nether, the islands are very difficult to fight on. I also dislike that you have to mine for your chests, especially when they're buried beneath a combination of sand and wood.

    I haven't played Skywars actively in about a year, so I am not familiar with all the maps. I have only mentioned maps that I have played enough to have an opinion on :)
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    Jungle (Solo)
    - You can go straight to middle and there are a lot of ways to go to your opponents island.
    Rainbow (Solo) - Islands are very close to each other and the islands are quite fun to PvP on.
    Trees (Solo) - The islands are very simple and great to PvP on, it's also extremely easy to go over to someone else their island. Maybe changing the middle would be good though to make the map look better in general.
    Time (Solo) - Islands are close to each other and they're good to PvP on, the middle is also a great place for PvP, the only thing that I don't really like about the map is the fact that 90% of the time when you hit someone down they land on a block and are still alive.
    Trees (Team) - The islands are very big and have a lot of chests on it, this map is great for people who love to team with a lot of players and it's also easy to build over to other islands.
    Candy (Team) - ^^ Same counts for Candy, I only don't really like the middle as people really enjoy to camp there and it's quite difficult and it takes forever if you want to defeat these campers.
    Mushroom (Team) - I love that it's a 2 player team and you can jump basically jump over to every island. I personally really like to rush and this map is great for that.
    Music (Team) - ^^ Same counts for Music, the islands are great to PvP on and it's easy to build over to other islands.

    Least favourite:
    Pacman (Team) -
    The space between the islands is really big and everyone loves to camp on this map, making the game last very long.
    Swords (Solo) - I don't really like the space between the islands and the islands are terrible to PvP on in my opinion and I just don't really like the swords on this map.
    DNA (Team) - The map looks quite cool, but I don't really like it as you can easily get hit off and there is just not really any space to PvP.
    Bones (Solo) - The map looks really messy in my opinion, and I feel like some islands have quite a disadvantage.
  12. Buuuddy

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    (Solo) - Small map, the islands are close to each other.
    Bones (Solo) - A small map with a lot of players. The islands are close to each other.
    Savannah (Solo) - Nice, simple map with not that much players.
    Glass (Solo) - Nice, modern-styled map with not that much players.

    Less favorite
    (Solo) - I do not like the leaves. They connect every island to the middle. It's too easy to go to the middle and camp there.
    Music (Solo) - I like the concept, but the islands look like they were made in 10-30 minutes. The underside of the islands have no detail. I don't want this map to be removed, but at least remade. :D
    Stars (Solo) - This maps has a nice theme, but I don't like that it's in the night. A lot of players have their Gamma set on 1000 so it doesn't bother them. It's not fair for the players who didn't edit their Gamma.
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    I am missing Tron.....
    I never find that map
    Anyways Gravity is my favourite
  14. Steyro

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    Favourites :
    Music (Team) : The islands are close to each other.
    Mystic (Solo) : The middle is close to the islands.

    Least Favourites :

    Tetris (Team) : The islands are far apart.
    Trees (Solo) : The middle should get an upgrade in detail.
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  15. 99Adventurer

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    Beach (
    Solo) - Love the TNT path that leads to middle.
    Pirates (Solo) - A great map where you can easily kill people with a bow.

    Least Favorite

    Elements (
    Team) - The islands are too big, and it's always overpowered mode.
    Stars (Solo) - I don't like the middle and the swirl around it.
  16. sdgd

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    Sundea (Solo)
    - The Islands are nice, and not far away from each other.
    Trees (Team) - They are big islands. Easier for pvp.

    Least favourite:
    Ice (Solo) -
    Difficult to walk ... And many campers.
    Diet (Team) - Without enderpearl you can not win. Or almost not.
  17. Anmazing

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    - Magic (Solo) - Really well built; the only problem is a tall tower in the middle, that is great for camping
    - Angelic (Solo) - Awesome map, well-built; only downside is that clouds can be used for camping
    - Sundae (Solo) - Really cool concept, it's unique and doesn't need anything changed, in my opinion
    - Swords (Solo) - Really well built, TNT trap is a cool addition; camping is a problem
    - Stars (Solo) - Looks amazing, enough space for PvP; camping inside the stars can be annoying
    - Trees (Solo) - Middle looks flat, and it could use a new structure; player islands are really nice, great for PvP

    Least favourite
    - Rainbow (Solo) - Middle is too far, it's not up to the build standard in general
    - Sport (Solo) - It looks cool, it's good that islands are different; middle is too far, and it could use some more details
    - Taiga (Solo) - There are too many details on player islands, and it's missing space for PvP
    - Tron (Solo) - Player islands need to be redone, otherwise the concept is really cool
  18. Qin Shihuangdi

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    Well, I have nothing else to do, so I'm gonna give my opinion on every map!

    Angelic- It's a good map, but it lacks something special. This is also a map where you can camp at the top far too much.
    Atlantis- It's a good map, the islands have a good distance apart, and it's very different from the other maps!
    Beach- My favorite map. It's so unique, it's good for traps, it's hard to camp, and is good for PvP!
    Biomes- I HATE this map. The islands are so far apart, the inner ring has a major advantage, and is horrible for PvP. If you get the sand island on basic chests, you're basically stuck there.
    Birdhouse- I cant find anything good or bad about this map, so I'm neutral.
    Bones- It's a good map, and the islands are really close for good PvP.
    Candy- This map is great, the islands are a perfect distance apart, but lacks space to PvP.
    Castle- This map is good for setting up traps, and is really good for PvP. It also has a great set up.

    Desert- I like the distance between the islands, but having to dig for chests is annoying.
    End- If you don't have a pickaxe and you don't get blocks out of the chest, you're screwed apart from the 12 or so birch planks you can obtain.
    Flowers- This map has an INCREDIBLE setup, is good for PvP, but lacks good paths to walk on, and is easy to camp.
    Galaxy- This map is just horrible. There is no room to PvP, it's easy to just fall into the void, and you can jump between islands far too easily. There are also no mineable ores on this map.
    Glass- Plenty of room to PvP on all islands, good for making traps, and plenty of salvageable blocks.
    Gravity- These islands are way too small. Two eggs can knock you off the island. Also, that mid is ugly, and no offense, looks horrible compared to other maps on the server.
    Ice- Ice isn't great to PvP on, but it still has a good setup, so I still like the map considering this is another map to make traps on.
    Jungle- This is my 3rd favorite map, but it's behind beach because it's less unique than that map and it's easier to camp.
    Magic- I could go on for days as to how much I hate this map. This is without a doubt my least favorite skywars map. There are too many campers, it has a horrible setup, and it's impossible to find anyone even with the compass.
    Mines- This map isn't good for PvP, and it's very messy.
    Mushroom- This map isn't good or bad, another neutral.
    Music- Another fun 12 player map, plenty of room to PvP
    Mystic- This map has no room to PvP, and looks very messy.
    Nether- Another neutral map, nothing good or bad.

    1. Beach
    2. Trees
    3. Jungle
    4. Paris
    5. Sundae

    (I'll post more later)
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    Favorite (Solo): Sundae, Sport, Mines
    Least Favorite (Solo): Angelic, Swords

    Favorite (Team): Mario, Music, Western
    Least Favorite (Team): Oasis, Mushroom
  20. Natsu_Fire

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    -Tree (Solo): Because the Islands are simple not very far and good for pvp.
    -Sundae (Solo):
    Because the Islands are near and good for pvp.
    -Candy (Team): Because the Islands are far, with enchanting tables and good for pvp.

    Least favorites:
    -Snakes (Solo): Because the Islands are very big for only 2 chests. And the mid has a troll hole.
    -Magic (Solo): Because the Islands are far and there's a lot of focus and people.
    -DNA (Team): Because it is too easy to throw people into the void. The bad thing for me is that the island isn't wide.

    -Why in Mushroom (Solo) there's a vacuum chest?
    -Why in
    Pokemon (Solo) in some islands there is only 1 chest and in others islands are 2? This is unfair.
    -Why in
    Music (Solo) in some islands there are 3 chests and in other islands are 4? This is unfair.