Skywars kit suggestions.

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    These are a few kit ideas I had for skywars, I hope you like at least one of them:

    Kit name: Ninja
    What it contains: 6 consumable invisibility potion which last for 10 seconds each.
    Cost: 600 points.
    Short description: Allows a player to vanish, as long as he isnt wearing armor.

    Kit name: Builder rank 2/3
    What it contains: 32 stone blocks/32 stone blocks and 32 wooden blocks.
    Cost: 350/500 points.
    Short description: Adding on top of the free builder kit, these will allow further construction.

    Kit name: Troll
    What it contains: 1 head, randomly selected from the present players.
    Cost: Free.
    Short description: Killing someone while wearing his head (which also means less protection) is the ultimate middle finger.

    Kit name: Knockbacker
    What it contains: Golden sword with knockback 1.
    Cost: 550 points.
    Short description: While knockback 1 is a little overpowered, the gold sword will ensure it has very little use.

    Kit name: Blacksmith
    What it contains: 1 Slightly damaged anvil.
    Cost: 800 points.
    Short description: It might break. It might not.

    Kit name: Fishing rod warrior
    What it contains: 1 fishing rod with unbreaking 3 and sharpness 1.
    Cost: 650 points.
    Short description: If you're a troll, or just cant find a weapon, this can be used to hold them back.

    Kit name: Scholer
    What it contains: 3 Bookshelves and 6 books.
    Cost: 450 points.
    Short description: Can be used with the enchanting tables (usually in the middle) for better enchantments.

    Kit name: Sandman
    What it contains: 64 sand blocks.
    Cost: 300
    Short description: Suffocation damage bypasses armor. 'Nuff said.

    Kit name: Bucket
    What it contains: 1 lava bucket, 1 water bucket, 1 milk bucket and 1 empty bucket.
    Cost: 700
    Short description: Lava for combat, water for stopping fire, milk for status effect clearing and the empty bucket to use on whatever.

    Those are all the kits I have to offer, but I would also like to offer some alterations to currect kits:

    Kit name: miner level 1/2/3
    The change: Upgrading the material.
    Reason: Skywars is a pretty fast paced game, and no one has time to mine blocks with an iron pickaxe (or worse), so I thought it could use a bit of an upgrade.

    Kit name: Bomber
    The change: I think it should be renamed Sapper and have more trap materials added to it, along with a price increase.
    Reason: TNT is too high risk to be used like it currently is, and traps seem like a smarter use for it.

    Kit name: Pyrotechnician
    The change: Its not really a change in the kit, but I think fire spread should be enabled.
    Reason: Fire isnt strong enough to be worth 1100 points if fire spread is off.

    And last but not least, I would like to report a bug, both the kits that used to be donor kits, bomber and egg (I think) cost 800 points, although it says they cost 1400 and 1100 respectively.

    I would like to ask you to rate my suggestions on a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I hate this suggestion and I hate you for suggesting it." and 10 being "This suggestion is the love of my life." through this format:

    The suggestion:
    My rating:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post! :)
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    Ninja kit is a little op. i rate it a 4
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    Sr. Mod
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    Kit name: Ninja: - 6 is too much ;/
    Kit name: Builder rank 2/3 - sure...
    Kit name: Troll - no point
    Kit name: Knockbacker- o pee much
    Kit name: Blacksmith - yeashh
    Kit name: Fishing rod warrior - not neccessary
    Kit name: Scholer- should have kit upgrades instead of new ones
    Kit name: Sandman- creative, but 1/10 people would do it... and im that 1 person out of 10.. it's so fun watching people suffocate >;DD
    Kit name: Bucket - Suggested 1000000 times. It's about time this kit goes in.. eh?.. it's a really good kit idea in my opinion. a lot of ways to use this kit .
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    Troll - I think this would be funny. Don't know why. It'd create some great moments.
    Sandman - Pointless
    Scholer - Not very useful as a kit i'd say.
    Knockbacker - This will be pointless in Over Powered chests, it's a bit of a waste of points but for normal and basic chests it'd be pretty good, keep in mix that Knockback 1 isn't even strong at all.
    Ninja - Too OP
    Bucket - I guess it's ok, but you can get this stuff easily in a chest.
    Blacksmith - Great, Love it, Would be useful, not too op and a good use of kit.
    Fishing Rod Warrior - Just the same as the other kit except with enchants.
    Builder Rank 2/3 - I think this is a good idea. Useful for jungle.
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    I like all of them (most of them) especially the pyro kit which I have. They do need to turn fire spread on and did they fix the flint and steel?
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    Kit name: Ninja
    6 is way too much. I also wouldn´t really like invisibility for Skywars

    Kit name: Builder rank 2/3
    Since there is already a builder type kit I´d say this shouldn´t be added. We do not want to make the gameplay esier by giving more blocks. (;

    Kit name: Troll
    This sounds quiet funny but it is more or less unnecessary for the gameplay. I´d rather choose a actual helmet than wearing a head.

    Kit name: Knockbacker
    Not sure what to think about that. You get the chance to get a knockback sword when you can vote for OP chests. Idk if players should be able to buy one then.

    Kit name: Blacksmith
    There is always an anvil at middle (or mostly, not sure tbh). Not really necessary in my opinion.

    Kit name: Fishing rod warrior
    Could be added. I don´t really see a need though since there are normal fishing rods in the chests.

    Kit name: Scholer
    Skywars is a quick game where you don´t have that much time to focuss an enchanting I guess. Idk if anyone would really use that.

    Kit name: Sandman
    Not necessary.

    Kit name: Bucket
    Wasn´t there a similar kit? However could be added, could not be added. Out of all the kits I could choose from that wouldn´t be it.

    Kit name: miner level 1/2/3
    Could be added. Not really a need though in my opinion.

    Kit name: Bomber
    Players like the tnt kit, so I doubt that there will be a change. But what trap materials are you talking about?

    Kit name: Pyrotechnician
    Can´t really say something to that atm.

    It seems a bit like that you try to get op-like-kits added. I doubt that it will happen that you can basically buy op kits though since donating to diamond or above to vote for op-chests should still make sense.
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    The scholer kit has very little uses, but if anything should be named either "nerd" or "schoolkid" :p If you're only starting off with a few books, i doubt you're going to be able to stay alive long enough to enchant anything with them.