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Jul 11, 2016
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Coming back to test this Skyblock thing, Oh Wait, is actually good?, oh this is addictive, Ok.. ok I like it, The Evil cookie has returned to Cubecraft, good Job guys
I can't wait to see the future of these islands, very excited
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Feb 20, 2020
Hi is it possible to change the 0/50 apple quest to like 20 or so because it is taking sooooooo long to finish it I've ben online for over 24hours now and I still can't succeed this quest....


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Apr 2, 2017
Hi is it possible to change the 0/50 apple quest to like 20 or so because it is taking sooooooo long to finish it I've ben online for over 24hours now and I still can't succeed this quest....
Maybe plant more oak trees and destroy the leaves? You can also break them using an enchanted tool with the fortune enchantment.

You can make a suggestion to lower the amount over here:


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Nov 13, 2017
Dog's Land
We are back with a release on our Java network! We've been hard at work for over 8 months working on a game that we're super proud of and are so excited to show you. Let's get right into to it:


Heard of this before? It's been around since the early days of Minecraft and (for the CubeCraft veterans amongst you) our own server! Skyblock is the ultimate challenge map: you begin with limited resources available to you, with the goal of expanding your land, farming mobs, building up stacks of resources and trying to avoid the void!

How do I join Skyblock?

We're currently releasing Skyblock exclusively on our Java 1.9+ network. Our plans for Skyblock are pretty ambitious and won't be compatible with the older game versions, so Skyblock won't be coming to 1.8.

A version for Bedrock may be coming in the future so make sure to follow our Twitter accounts (@cubecraftgames and @cubecraftpocket).

Once you're on our 1.9+ Java network you'll see the new Skyblock NPC in the main lobby. Hit them to join. During release we will have a player limit to manage capacity, if you have purchased a rank you will get priority access.

How to join Skyblock!

Introducing: Islands

We've broken our Skyblock game in to unlockable islands. As you progress through the game you'll unlock new islands and dimensions (more on that later). To start with you'll be on the Oak Forest island. Here you'll farm Beetroots, gather Oak wood and get your first cobblestone generators.

We wanted to improve the balancing and progression compared to the vanilla Skyblock experience. To do this we've introduced these modified and new game mechanics:
  • Custom cobble and ore generators
  • Custom and upgradeable mob spawners
  • Custom crop and tree growing
  • Custom mobs and bosses
  • Shops on every island to trade and progress
  • Offline progression - no need to leave your computer on overnight to watch a Jungle tree grow.
Here's a look at the first few islands you'll unlock and some of what you can expect on them.

Welcome to the Community Hub

Game lobbies are such a requested feature but we don't have a use for them other than splitting players up. However in the Skyblock Community Hub you'll find resources for Enchanting items, Repairing items, meeting new players and visiting different dimensions.

View attachment 159884
Community hub.


A profile is like save slot - a way of storing your progress without it affecting your others. They also allow you to have different profiles where you are playing with different people. By default you can be in one solo profile and one co-op profile. A co-op profile can have up to 5 players on it. More profiles are unlockable with a rank up to a current maximum of 5 profiles (1 solo, 4 co-op). Be careful who you add to a profile though as they can do everything you can including ruining your fantastic islands! Items, money, experience etc don't carry across profiles.

View attachment 159880
Profiles menu.

View attachment 159881
Island profile menu.


There are two kinds of quests you'll find in Skyblock:

Main Quests
These quests allow you to progress through the story and completing them will unlock resources, islands or dimensions.

Side Quests
These quests will grant you additional resources but aren't necessary to continue through the game.

View attachment 159883
Quests menu.

View attachment 159882
Quest hover box.

In co-op profiles you will all work towards the same progression through the quests. As with other progress these don't carry between profiles. There are currently over 100 quests in the game and we have a tonne more planned.

Future updates

We have lots of plans of where we want to go with Skyblock but we want to hear your feedback and we'll be putting up some polls in the future. A lot of the development time for this game has gone in to writing new systems to allow us to create a very flexible game with future expansion in mind. Skyblock is our most technically complex game so there will be bugs which brings us nicely on to:

Feedback and Bug reports

Skyblock is a Beta gamemode and it's extremely complex, so there is bound to be some bugs. But do not worry! If you see bugs or issues within Skyblock, please report them to bugs.cubecraft.net.

Also, as Skyblock is a new gamemode, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions HERE!
You can also post your Skyblock creations and other things HERE!

Thanks for reading! We've been working on Skyblock for a while and can't wait to see what you create! :D
What a piece of SkyBlock, I loved it and I think that if this has been the beta I don't even want to imagine how it will be the final one. Go on !!



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Oct 1, 2018
Hey, just a compliment from me for releasing SkyBlock. I have kept a close eye on the server, and I am almost certain that releasing SkyBlock is a super good move to a greater reach on the Java network.
I also like that SkyBlock is made a bit unique. I like the idea of the stone generators, and the quests are also very nice. I'm definitely going to play a lot of SkyBlock, and I think more people will feel the same way.
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