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Jan 5, 2023
As cubecraft skyblock doesnt have an easier way to sell stuff, issue which ive been dealing since a long time ago, Im here to ̶b̶e̶g̶ suggest Cubecraft to take a better look at it. I mean, come on, Im playing with a ridiculous lag, my most profitable farm actually is the pig farm, it makes more than 530k items when full (almost everytime Im selling, it is full). It makes me do the process of getting the items, and selling them around 259 times. I can just simplify to you how ridiculous it is for me to sell: Not considering a hard lag (even though there is a lot because of the amount of items in there), if I take 10 seconds for each sell, it takes 2590 seconds, or 43 minutes. I mean, thats a looooong time that I could be doing more useful things on my island, or be playing another minigame just like skywars.
I have given up on cubecraft skyblock a few times because of the selling methods, and I feel like a lot of other players did it as well. If you guys dont want to do it free for everyone, you can just update the "sell all" feature. Place an icon where you can click and sell all items in the chest. An even better thing is an auto sell chest, it can be bought or craftable, where every item that falls in, will be sold (if it can be sold, of course)
Slyblock is a great feature of cubecraft server, its only problem imo is the selling method, makes the game dull.
Thanks yall, have a great game, and an amazing 2023.


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Feb 25, 2021
100% agree! I like the idea of some sort of sell wand that can be purchased for maybe a million coins?
You would just click on the chest with the wand and get the profit
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Adding bedwars to java really be the end of cube originality :(
just need to win a few games, would any1 want to join me and help me?
BedWars is getting updated on Bedrock and is finally releasing on Java on July 17 (2 days)!
Release date has been scheduled for the new Bedwars updates!
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