Resource packs from 1.8 will crash your minecraft, while playing Tower Defence.

Discussion in 'Tower Defence' started by InsaneStorm, Mar 14, 2016.

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    Hey guys! I'm very new to the forums while i'm pretty active on CubeCraftgames itself.

    I just want to inform you guys that if you use a 1.8 resource pack, it will crash you minecraft when u go in to a Tower Defence game.
    NOTE: It will crash on the most maps not all of them!

    So, when this happened i was right thinking about the Resource pack and removed it and got a 1.9 Resource pack, and it worked again fully propely!

    I'm not sure if its only on Tower Defence, so you should check yourself that out.

    So yeah, if you were looking why it crashes this is why.

    Greets InsaneStorm,

    (Have fun playing Tower Defence)